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Daily Dose : 15K

Good Morning

It's a bittersweet daily dose today. We breach the 15 K mark. It is amazing how we were at 1K market at the start of the Circuit Breaker, only to see it rise to where it is in 24 days.

1) 690 cases confirmed, 15 641 till date
Work Permit Holders Dorms: 660
Community : 30 (11 Spore/PR/WP 19 WPH outside dorms)

NCID nurse confirmed as a case with COVID19

Source: MOH

2) ERP charges, COE bidding to remain suspended

Existing and unused temporary COE expires on or after Apr 7 will be automatically extended by 3 months.

Those renewing COE for existing vehicles, the prevailing quota premium will be based on the average of the quota premium for the latest 3 months which bidding was conducted

Other measures include an extension of periodic vehicle inspection deadline and de-registration of vehicle deadline are announced.

Source: CNA

3) Minister warned to stop spreading fake news about foreign workers dorms to incite violence

The recent spate of videos on fights and even suicide linked to Singapore Dorms were untrue

Source: ST

4) ComfortDelGro starts food delivery service to help cabbies earn extra income

Taxi uncles and aunties can now delivery food. Fares charged on a distance base rate.

Source: ST

5) 22 year old fined $1500 for breaching COVID-19 quarantine order half an hour before it ended

Expensive Prata

Source: ST

6) Grab asked employees to take voluntary no-pay leave

Transport rides have plunged by double-digit percentages

Source: Today

7) Police file report against Cold Storage Temperature Screener

Instead of taking temperature, he took photos of female shoppers to post on Whatsapp group

Source: Today

8)  Home-based food business qualify for the relief fund, curbs may be ease in time for Hari Raya

No word if the restriction will ease for other types of Home business affected

Source: Today

9) The world is closed for travel business
100% of the world is under travel restrictions for the first time, putting an abrupt stop on business travel

Source: Yahoo

10) Hertz is planning to file for bankruptcy

Hertz misses lease payment, prepares for a potential bankruptcy

Source: WSJ

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