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Daily Dose CB DAY 14 Report- Old Habits Die Hard

Old Habit's Die Hard

Good Morning. It's another brand new week as we mark the halfway point of CB. Daily Dose continues to kick off this brand new week of WFH and HBL.

1) Cross 6000 mark with 596 new cases
Cases in Community -25
Work Permit Holders ( Dorms) - 544
Work Permit Holders (Outside Dorms) -22

While the dorms showed a slowdown, there is an uptick in the community spread. If you add the cases in the community and work permit holders (outside dorms), we still have 47 cases outside of dorms. This is still a relatively large number for a small country. It's not the time to be complacent

Source: MOH

2) Children are NOT immune to COVID19

There are 4 cases of children age 5,9,11,12 from the same household. They are linked to a previous case.

Needless to say, try to keep your children home. Do NOT bring them along for your grocery supply runs ( there are many who are still doing that!)

Source: MOH

3) McDonald's shutters its doors till May 4

A historical day in the making when McDonald's stops all operations in Singapore including Delivery. That had never happened before. Other fast food chains like BK , KFC , Texas are still BAU. McDonald's had 7 cases of COVID19 prior to closure

Source: MCD

4) Starhub offers 20% rebate to those who are affected by last week outrage

However, one would need to register for one before Apr 26
No word on mobile users compensation even though it had affected them

Fill up the form here

5) Dick Lee is planning an islandwide Singalong of 'Home' to thank front line workers and volunteers

Mark the date, APR 25 (Sat) 755pm

6) More than 360 fine for breaching CB Measures
More than 240 fine for not complying with safe distancing
120 fine for not wearing mask outside the home
More than 10 face $1000 fine for repeated offences


At the same post by Minister Masagos, he urged Singaporeans not to flock to popular markets.
This advice may not work due to the Lemmings Effect

Read more about Lemming Effect here

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