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Daily Dose : COVID19 Apr 14

386 cases.

 Good morning. Today's daily dose is a bitter pill to swallow given the exceptionally high number of cases reported. Let's take a look at what happened on Day 7 of CB

1) The highest number of confirmed cases reported
There are a total of 386 cases reported
Link to clusters - 280
Link to other cases -12
Contact tracing -94 (64 Work Permit cases, 30 Singapore Residents)

While the numbers, on the whole, are alarming, the wider community spread remains a manageable number.

However, there are 3 major concerns.
Widespread among dorms
The spread has led to over 20 dorms and construction sites all over the island impacted. With 250-300 K FW, this will be our Achilles heels. Mass test might be needed for this group and segregation to be done as soon as possible.

Tax on healthcare resources. 
There are now a total of 976 active cases (Apr 12) in hospital, should this continue to rise, the hospitals may be overwhelmed in time to come.

Tax on manpower. 
This group is the invisible hands that keep Singapore growing. From maintaining clean streets to repairing of public facilities to a major link in the supply chain, a big hit would literally cause a standstill in the republic. The question is, would we have the tenacity to step in their roles should the need require?

Source: MOH

2) 65 year old Singapore man is the 9th Covid19 death
Our condolences to the family. The man was confirmed to have Covid19 only on Apr 9.

Source: ST

3) Is Singapore in a lockdown

Read this and decide


4)  Fake news is spreading 
Road Blocks to fine for not complying with safe distancing - Fake
Source : ST
Man fine at Roadblock for sending a friend in car - fake news

Man fine for buying breakfast at food court - fake news

Man fine for talking to a friend at BBT shop without safe distancing  - REAL

Source Zaoboa

5) Solidarity Payment is in today for most.
Source : MOF

Check your account for $600. Please don't go ATM to queue with thousands of others hor.


6) Family of Pioneer Generation may buy discount groceries on their behalf.

Let the elderlies stay at home and do the shopping for them.

Source: Today

7) Update in Covid19 Temporary Orders 
Includes issues such as custody of the child, attending funeral and rules for visitors to the house.


8) See Singapore like you never see before
Image Credit : Lemjay Lucas

Images of Beautiful yet Eerie Singapore under Circuit Breaker by Lemjay Lucas


9) Establishment including Putien, Jollibee finded for breaching safe distancing measures

Food deliverymen were fined too

Source : CNA

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