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Daily Dose : The Inevitable

Good Morning

Another day, another record. This time we breach 14K mark. With the revelation that 21K FW tested with an over 50% infection rates, things might get darker over the next few weeks. Before we worry about the future, let's catch up to what is happening with our Daily Dose.

1) Breaching 14K at 14423

799 cases confirmed
764 Dorms
35 Community
- 18 Sporean/PR/WP
-17 Work Permit outside Dorms
The numbers outside dorms are still high at 35. It looks unlikely CB breakers restrictions will ease by May 4.

Source : MOH

2) New clusters include Acacia Home 
14 identified, 2 staff, 12 residents.
This is a welfare home for destitute persons

Source: CNA

3) 2 more patients died from COVID-19 complication
Both are seniors, male, age 81 and 82 . Total Death at 14

Source: ST

4) 21K foreign workers tested, about 12 K tested positive
Rate of infection at 57%
Given that there are about 315K FW, there is a likelihood that we might breach 100K in the coming weeks once tests is ramp up. Testing capacity for Migrant workers is at 3K per day. Current National capacity at 8K per day.

Source: CNA

5) Where to house recovered covid19 FW?

With the anticipated increase in positive cases in FW, it will not only be an issue on where to house the positive cases but also where to house them when they recover. Logistically, it will be a major operation on a scale we have not seen before.

Where are we going to house the FW when they recover?

Source: TWD

6)Motor workshops order to close 
Several workshops given 48 hours to close.
Some are still operating such as ComfortDelGro's Spark for emergency

Source: ST

7) Economist expect Singapore retrenchment in 2020 to hit 45-65 K 

Dark days are ahead of us

Source: Today

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