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Daily Dose : One Stop Daily Highlights COVEID19

923 cases and McDonald's closure

Good Morning!

The Daily Dose of Covid19 news is getting bitter every day. Grab some coffee to drown out the taste.

1) 942 cases reported, 5992 cases
Another high number due to the aggressive testing at Dorms
893  were tested positive in Dorms
27 Work Permit Holders tested positive outside of dorms
22 cases in Community

Although the community numbers are down, we still need time to ascertain if the CB is working because of the following reasons

- The 27 work permit holders are tested outside of Dorms, so they should be included in the General community count. That would mean that there are 49 general community cases yesterday instead of 22

-The large number of FW in dorms is a potential threat to overwhelming the health system. While most are healthy now, there is a chance that down the road, some would need more intensive treatment. We could not discount that for now.

Source : MOH

2 McDonald's to close for business till May 4

This includes McDelivery and Drive-Thru. The last order will be at 1030am and 8 am respectively.  Closure probably due to 7 cases reported at their premises around Singapore

Source: TWD

3 All construction workers holding work permits or S Passes to be placed on compulsory Stay Home Notice

It will be effective Monday (Apr 20 ) to May 4

This will include dependent pass holders of these workers. Personally, we think SHN should apply to all members of the household that are staying with them. This was a loophole during the imported cases period and that might have indirectly cause the wider outbreak given asymptomatic carriers can be contagious

Source: Today

4 200 people caught on Apr 18.

80 face fines for not wearing masks. At least 2 repeated offenders fine $1000

Masks are now available both online and in pharmacy shops, there are no reason why you could not get one. For the record, repeated offenders can be prosecuted in courts

Source: Today

5 Minister Shanmugam respond to Zaoboa on the xenophobic forum letter

See his response here.


6 Minister Khaw urge LTA to revise Peak Hour frequencies on trains to avoid congestion

Scene from Friday Peak Hours
Scene from Friday Peak Hours

Err on the side of generosity.


We had written a post earlier urging SMRT to reconsider its decision to reduce train frequencies

Source: TWD

7 Safe Distancing Officer fined for not wearing mask while on duty

No one is spared, not even the enforcers!


8 Carpooling is now illegal.
Enforcement action will be taken against carpool drivers during Covid19

Source: CNA

9 Over 500 people offer to return $500 Temporary Relief Fund
Genuine or scared?

Source: Today

10 40-year-old Malaysian Work Permit Covid19  man died of a heart attack a day after being tested positive. Death NOT related to Covid19

He is not included in the official number as it is ruled that it is not connected to COVID19

Source: ST

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