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Daily Dose - This is Home

This is home

Good Morning. It's a sleepy Sunday.   After all the singing last evening, it's time for your daily dose of reality.

1) 618 cases confirmed
Dorms: 597
Non Dorms: 21 ( 9 Spore, 12 WP holders outside dorms)

At 618, this figure looks good heading to the weekend. The cases outside of the dorms have dipped significantly by half. However, we are unable to assess if the rate of infection is slower especially if the number of tests made on a daily basis is not available. If the latter is consistent, this would be a positive development

Source: MOH

2) 4 new clusters including mall
Northpoint Mall - 7 cases. For those queuing at malls, supermarkets or wet markets, there is always a risk. Do be wary when you are out.

Source: MOH

3) Singapore Sings 
This is Home is heard all over the island last night in appreciation of frontline workers and migrant workers.


4) Few Fines meted out
60 caught for safe distancing measures and fewer than 20 people caught for not wearing masks. That is a good improvement over the last few days

Source: Today

5) NTU undergraduates raise funds to feed 30,000 needy families by June 1

NTU students had fried beehon business shut down due to COVID19 , turned to a project for good to make meals for need families.

Source: CNA

6) Online shaming of those flouting Covid-19 CB rules could amount to doxxing

Be careful when you share that video. It is best you share it with one service instead of your Whatsapp group or FB page.

Source: Today

7) Woman who spat at KFC employee lifted

She was angry when told to wait for her order!.

Source: Today

8) Singapore Flags allow to fly from Arr 25 to Sep 30
Flag allowed to fly to demonstrate Unity and Solidarity


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