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Daily Dose: Top of the world

Good Morning

It's the weekend, so we are keeping it light for today's Daily Dose

1) 897 cases, 12075 confirmed
We broke the 12 K mark today. at this rate, we could easily be at 20 K by next week 😞

Dorms : 982 WPH
Local Community : 44 (25 Singapore/PR/WP) , 19 WPH
The local community cases are still not abating. Personally, we think it should include WPH outside the dorms as they are residing with the general population. They would also be part of the source of new transmission outside of dorms.

Source: MOH

2) 4 new clusters excluding dorms
This includes a SPA - Naturaland East Coast (6) and Strand Hotel (5)

Source: MOH

3) Why Condos are at risk for COVID-19

Our assessment of condos and the risk it poses as a potential breeding ground for COVID19


4) 60 fine for not complying with safe distancing, 20 fine for not wearing a mask.
There are many who still defy advice and drove to East Coast Park for exercise despite the closure of the carpark


5) Find a delivery slot with this app

Super Market Tracker developed by a local aims to help you find an available delivery slot


6) Foreign Worker with virus dies after being found at staircase landing

Death from multiple injuries, Likely due to fall

Source: Today

7) Joylicious Dorm Operator locks up workers, MOM issue stern warning
Hiring freeze on employer issued as well. The employer locked up the workers after finding out a close contact has COVID19

Source: Today

8) Free concerts and performances this weekend

Including Love Never Dies -the sequel to Phantom of the Opera Musical

See the listing here

8) "Toblerone" Mountain lights up in Singapore Colours

Switzerland projects Singapore flag on Zermatt Matterhorn into


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