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Singapore Circuit Breakers Measures for COVID-19: What you need to know?

Today PM Lee had a nationwide address

Although the word  'Lockdown' is not mentioned, the measures introduced resembles a partial Lockdown. Officially we remain at Dorscon Orange and NOT Dorscon Red. The measures implemented are 'circuit - breakers' rather than an official lockdown.

Why the introduction of Circuit Breakers

The cases are rising compared to 3 weeks ago. Half of the cases are unlinked. This implied more people out there with the virus and passing on unknowingly. In other words, community spread is apparent. The emergence of clusters in dorms and nursing homes are major worries. There might be potentially a bigger cluster from such places that can push the situation over the edge.

Instead of the incremental move, significant moves needed or circuit breakers are needed.

These circuit breakers will last for one month.  It will not start immediately but at a later date to allow people, workplaces ad businesses to adjust.

3 Key measures

1) Close most workplaces. (Effect on Tues 7 Apr)
Only the following sectors will remain open together with business critical to global supply chains.

Holding activities and operations at the workplace will be considered an offence

2) HBL starting on Wednesday (8 Apr to 4 May)

  • Students from schools and higher institution will be under HBL from Tuesday onwards
  • All preschool and student care centers will be closed but will provide limited services for children of parents who have to continue working and are unable to make alternative care arrangement.
  • Mid-year school exams to be cancelled, National Exams will continue (Eg Mother tongue exams in June)
  • No clawback from June Holidays
  • New Polytechnic student and ITE will still be onboard next week.
  • Graduation are not essential
  • Minimum attendance requirement for preschools in April to be waived. All subsidies for student care and pre-schools will continue to be disbursed during this period.

3) Restriction of movement

  • Stay at home as much a possible
  • Gatherings confine to household
  • Avoid visiting extended family
  • Go out only for essential things

         - For work, if  in essential service
         - Buy food from the market or take out from hawkers and restaurants
         - Exercise in the neighbourhood park, keeping a safe distance from others. 

Spirit of measure is to minimise physical contact.

No gatherings are allowed, enforcement agencies will take breaches seriously.

Additional Points

Reusable masks to be distributed to all Singapore residents from Apr 5-12
This will start on Sunday 10 am till Apr 12 with priority queues for seniors. For residents, they will be able to collect masks from 3pm to 9 pm daily. Weekend and public holidays collection time is from 10am to 9pm.

The stance on mask is changed. Some form of mask, even reusable can provide basic protection. Advisable to wear mask as long as you will have contact with someone.

All supermarkets, hawker centres and eateries will remain open
No more dining in and it includes the hawker centre. Supermarkets and Wet Markets to operate as normal.

The government will relook the policy of not waiving foreign worker levies.

Non essential services such as Singapore Pools will be closed 

Sports and recreational facilities will be closed.
This includes public swimming pools , gyms and golf courses 

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