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Daily Dose : Selamat Hari Raya

Selamat Hari Raya!

Blessing to Our Muslim Readers.
A quick Daily Dose to start off the celebrations.

1) 642 confirmed case
631 cases in Dorms
11 cases in community ( 6 SC/PR, 3 WPass, 2 Work Permit)

The cases in the dorms are quite perplexing. The daily increase numbers go to show that the spread had not been curbed. It had been more than 6 weeks since the dorms situation was bought to the forefront. It would be good if MOH gives an indication of how many more tests are needed to clear the dorms so we would know where we stand.

Source: MOH

2) The number of local community cases started to tick upwards. Another 2 preschool staff were positively diagnosed.

For the first time, Work Pass details are included in Annex C . We had called for this transparency a few days ago, perhaps we were heard?

Source: MOH

3) Chiropractic treatments and hospital visits with restrictions allowed from June 2

Sorry, Botox is not on the list.

Source: ST

4) 8 out of 10 employees in Singapore want to continue working from home.
Why not?

Save time on travelling, spend less on clothes and food, it will be a whole new world going forward.

Source: Today

5) Private Hire cars can continue to deliver food and groceries until end of Sep.
This includes taxis too. Could this be an indication when Phase 3 will start?

Source: Today

6) Hertz Car Rental files for US bankruptcy

That was our go-to car rental whenever we have road trips overseas!

Source: ST

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