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Daily Dose : 20 / 20

Good Morning

We breach the 20K mark with today's Daily Dose. We also hit 20 official deaths today. Why are we at this dire state today? They say hindsight is 20/20 but it may be the result of a big oversight instead.

In any case, it's a holiday today too. Happy Vesak's Day!

1) 788 new cases, 20198 in total
Work Permit Holders Dorms 759
Community Spread 29 ( 11 SC/PR/WP 16 Work Permit ex Dorms 16)
The local community spread is back to double-digit for SC/PR/WP

Source: MOH

2) 5 local cases linked to Dorms
4 staff and 1 unknown are linked to dorms
This is the 3rd day and the 11th cases linked to dorms.

Source: MOH

We had highlighted this as a potential spread to the community via dorms a few days back. The data over the past 4 days supported this. It is time to assess this threat given the exposure we have to it.


3) 2 more additional death, bringing the official death tally to 20
Woman 97and Man 73, both Singaporean succumb to complication arising from Covid19

Source: ST

4) 6 confirmed Covid19 foreigners died but they are not listed as death from Covid19
Indian National 32 - Coronary Heart Disease
Indian National 46 - Fall from Height
Malaysian 40 - Heart Attack
Malaysian 80 - Unknown
Bangladeshi - 44 Heart Attack
Bangladeshi- 47 Coronary Heart Disease

4 of them died from Heart-related disease/ Heart Attack. Given the age group 30-40,it is rather surprising that heart disease is prominent in this group as heart disease is more prominent among adults age 65. These cases might be worth a second look to reassess the connection to Covid19.

Source: Yahoo

5) No exemption needed for business in approved categories to resume operations.
Source: ST

Contrary to the initial announcement, where business needs to seek approval for opening, it is now confirmed no exemption is required. For the record, standalone drinks such as BBT will not be open.

Source: ST

6) Mustafa Center reopens after a month-long closure
Only the Supermarket section is reopening.

Source: CNA

7) No reprieve for Road Tax, COE
Reason: People are still using the car for grocery runs and to work for essential workers

Source: ST

8) Free reusable mask that filter bacteria

Will be available for every resident and available end May.

Source: Today

9) 3 Men charged with Circuit Breaker Offense

Navarro Charles Josef Guimere, 24 Filipino meet 5 others for a drink and chat session during CB, bang head at boot of police car and hurl abuse at police officers

Rethinasamy Letchimanan,63, left home to meet 3 other individuals for social purposes, no mask

Lee Ah Loo, 66, verbally abuse enforcement officers from the National Environment Agency

Source: Today

10) Man 47 jailed for breaching stay home notice after return from Batam

Chong Chun Wah, 47, jailed 5 weeks for breaching Stay Home Orders by travelling to 3-4 bus stop to buy food. He had repeated his offence despite reminders

Source: Today

11) Man on Stay Home Notice took a friend to the hotel room, met others in car park charged

Despite the warning, he still continues his actions. Bought the same friend to the room twice.
130am and 1230 am on 2 separate days.
Why ah?😞

Source: Today

12) Temporary relief measures for Property Sector due to Coronavirus
For individuals, the specified sale timeline for the remission of ABSD paid on their second residential property for Singaporean married couples will be extended by 6 months

Source: MND

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