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Daily Dose: Haircut

Good Morning

Today marks the reopening of some shops and services. For many, one of the most important things to do today is a haircut. Do not forget your daily dose while cutting your hair!

1) 486 cases reported, 504 cases discharged,23787 cases in total

Work Permit Holders 481
Community cases - 5 ( SC/PR/WP 3  Work Permit Holders 2)

Yesterday marks the first time where the discharged cases were higher than the reported cases.  However, the lower reported cases were partly due to fewer test processed rather than fall in infection.

Source: MOH

2) 68-year-old Spore dies of COVID19 
He is the 21st confirmed cases that died of Covid19.
 A 53-year-old Indian man who died of Heart Attack was found to have Covid19. His case was not added to the tally as it was deemed that Covid19 was not the primary cause. He is the 7 person with Covid19 that had passed and not categorised as Covid19 death.

Source: ST

3) 3 out fo 4 Covid19 cases among workers at Singapore Expo facility found to be negative after retesting.
This was due to apparatus calibration issue for a test kit.

There is no information if the cases had been exposed to Covid19 after the test or if they had been at isolation facility with positive cases thereafter

Source: ST

4) Some shops and services to reopen today

This includes confectionery, barber, laundry, pet shops and TCM

List of Popular stores opening today

5) National Newspaper accused of fabricating interview with Covid19 patient.

Permission was not granted for the interview. In addition, it is alleged that the 'clickbait' title "NTU Student gets Covid19 even though he stayed at home during CB period' is misleading.
The journalist was accused of fabricating the interview to make a story.

Source: FB

6) Areas of Singapore Racecourse to be converted to community recovery facilities

This would include multi-story carpark, Car Park B and shattered arena at STC Riding Center.

Source: ST

7)Direct School Application to open May 12
No more Physical trails or face to face meeting

Source: CNA

8) A slew of Violent crimes reported during Circuit Breaker

Murder of a 'Jogger' at Punggol

Source: ST

Gang Fights with Parang

Source: CNA

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