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Daily Dose - It is not Over

It is not over.

This might be the last Sunday of Circuit Breaker, but we are far from the all-clear. Despite having recorded zero SC/PR case a few days ago, the numbers are creeping back up.

1) 506 confirmed cases
501 Dorms
5 community cases (2SC/PR, 1 Work Pass, 2 Work Permit)

The confirmed cases in dorms remain in the 500 range.  On a weekly count, it averages 3000-5000 cases. We are far from being free from Covid19 in the dorms.

As for community, cases continue to show up. This includes several unlink cases. This shows the virus is still active in the community despite the 'rosy' outlook

Source: MOH

2) Another Preschool staff found positive
This is a total of 13 preschool staff positive due to the mandatory tests.

Source: MOH

3) Several Locations are added to the places visited by cases
The latest includes Fairprice outlets and Don Don Donki. This shows you should not bring the whole family to 'shop' given that risk of transmission is still possible at these places.

Source: MOH

4) Singapore in discussions with S Korea and Australia to establish Green Lanes

If approved, they will be added with China for essential business travels

Source: ST

5) F1 Still in talks on whether race can go on in Sep

Given that a large portion of the crowd are foreigners, would it be too early to confirm this?

This might lead to opening the borders to countries with higher infection rates. With leisure travel deem as almost improbable for the year. Allowing this would be sending mix signals to locals. In orders for the teams to complete, they would NOT need to be quarantine if this is the case.

Alternatively, we could focus on local attendance. Given that locals have more dire issues such as employment to consider , it may not be a wise move.

Moreover, F1 is usually more than just a race , the after parties are what made it a signature event. Take that glamour away and it will be just a street race where overtaking is limited. Not exactly the ‘crown jewel ‘ of F1 as it used to be.

Source: Today

6) 6 men and 1 woman to be charged for flouting circuit breaker measures in Robertson Quay

This was the result of a single viral post on bad behaviour at Robertson Quay. It also generated a lot of interest as the people are mostly foreigners.

Source: ST

7) 3 newly admitted images and nurse working at Changi Prison rested positive for Covid19

These cases are picked up by mandatory testings. Including the mandatory test and survelliances tests, most local cases are picked up by such tests. The greater local community remains untested.

Source: ST

8) Migrant Workers in dorms cleared of Covid19 to have staggered rest days in Phase 2
They will be allowed to run errands outside of dorms for up to 2 hours. This include cases that have recovered but remain positive.


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