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Daily Dose : Thou, Thy, Thee

Good Morning to thee.

Thy Daily Dose awaits. Grab a cuppa, we bring thee the daily highlights of Covid19 in Singapore. Thou have a good day ahead!

1) 632 cases,19410 in total
Work Permit Dorms - 605
Community Cases - 27 (Spore/PR/WP-12, Work Permit Hotel ex Dorms -15)

We are now a hair's breadth away from 20K. The numbers in dorms continue unabated. New clusters are formed on a daily basis.

There are a total of 9 new clusters formed mostly at constructions sites or factory converted dorms islandwide.

If we continue at this rate for the next one month at average 500 per day, we could hit 35K within a month and 50 k in 2.

Source: MOH

2) 2 more local community cases related to dorms and isolation facility

One is link to Changi Lodge II and the other is a nurse at Expo CCF. This is a total of 6 confirmed cases in 3 days from the staff working in these areas.

Source: MOH

3) The next group at Risk: Staff @ Dorms and Isolation Community Facilities
Why we think that this group will be a possible leak to the local community.


4) The Sovereign, Ms Paramjeet Kaur, Singapore 40 was charged at court for public nuisance and breaking circuit breaker rules

She wants to be referred  as Thou, Thy , Thee
She is now in remand at IMH for observation for 2 weeks.

This case has the attention of Singapore for the wrong reasons - xenophobia, sovereign citizen, breaking of CB rules, doxxing of an unrelated person.

Personally, we do not think she is insane. Probably deep-rooted into believing in the 'sovereign citizen' concept to the point of being a zealot of sorts.

Source: Today

5) Nearly half of large dorms breach rules each year
The real question would be why are they allowed to do so every year?

Source: ST

6) Bill passed to allow marriage solemnisation to go virtual

Saying I Do via Zoom

Unless they belong to the same household, however, the bride, groom and other parties involved in the ceremony should not gather for the solemnisation, in line with safe distancing measures.

Source: ST

7) Direct School Admission to continue
E interviews to be conducted in school. Will take place from early July to Mid September

Source: CNA

8) Govt to review sale and slaughter of live animals at wet markets

Singapore has such markets but is a rather mild version where soft-shelled turtles, bullfrogs and freshwater eels as the main animals sold.

Source: Today

Stay Safe!

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