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Daily Dose June 29 : Attractions Reopen

Attractions will reopen in Singapore

It was widely thought that Singapore attractions such as Singapore Zoo and USS would only open in Phase 3 due to the large number of people that will visit.

It was a surprise when it was announced that 13 attractions will reopen the doors on 1 July. With a cap of 25% capacity, it might actually make sense.


1) 213 cases confirmed
202 Dorms
11 Community ( 6 Singaporeans, 2 Work Pass, 3 Work Permit)

The community cases are back to double-digits with 6 new cases. Unlinked cases in the community had also risen to 8 cases. The dorms situation remains the similar as tests still continue for the rest of the 200K FW in dorms. Expect the numbers to remain high until all are tested.

2) 2 Singapore Teenagers on the list of confirmed cases
Both are unlinked

One is a 15-year-old girl from East Spring. She has not been in school since June 25. The other is a 13-year-old girl with symptoms on June 10 but was only confirmed on Jun 27 (2 weeks later)

The second case would be a source of concern for parents. If she had been in school during that period, it would mean the students around here could have been exposed. It also questioned if schools have implemented checks diligently as they should ( ie temperature monitoring, isolating students who are unwell)

3) 13 Attractions to Open on 1 July

See the full list of attractions to be opened here

4) New places identified as areas visited by Covid19 cases during the infectious period

It includes the McDonald'sand Mustafa Centre. Do note if you had been to the following areas on the stated dates and times

McDonald's at Tampines Mart (5 Tampines Street 32) on June 25 between 2pm and 3pm

Al-Iman Restaurant (136 Marsiling Road) on June 25 between 8pm and 11pm

Mustafa Centre (145 Syed Alwi Road) on June 26 between 10.45am and 11.25am

Amman Household Supplies Pte Ltd (961 Jurong West Street 92) on June 26 between 12.30pm and 1pm

Prime Supermarket (962 Jurong West Street 91) on June 26 between 1pm and 2pm

5 The organiser of group badminton session calls for guidelines to be clearer

One positive COVID19 case had played badminton with a group of 29 people. Group was organised by one person and intermingling had taken place during the session.

The organiser insisted that he did not breach safe distancing act because he interpreted it that as long as he is under the limit for the maximum number of people allowed in the sports hall, he is adhering to the rules. At the same time, rules such as up to 4players a court and no co-mingling are conveniently ignored.

6 2 Amoy Stree bars ordered to cease operation

One of them , Moonstone Bar, claimed it was shut down as patrons were seen drinking alcohol at the establishment after 1030pm

GE 2020 

7 Fabrications about PAP shut down

The pro-PAP Facebook page with 250K subscribers had been shut down for violating Facebook Policies. No actual details were provided on the violation.

Facebook removes accounts that clearly violate its policies, including people who misrepresent themselves, use fake accounts, or engage in behaviour designed to enable other violations of its community standards.

FAP had been known to have a one-sided opinion on opposition. Some of the posts are questionable. The site has never been formally endorsed by PAP

8 Another PAP candidate was flagged out for behaviour, this time the response was swift and positive

It would be great if we concentrate on issues on hand instead of sensationalizing every trivial matter. 

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