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Daily Dose Jun 4 : Rejuvenate

Day 2 of a new norm. 

It's time to rejuvenate as news of Singapore opening up her skies and home renovations are approved to go.  Grab a cuppa and enjoy today's daily dose.

1) 569 new cases - More cases than discharge 
562 Dorms
7 community cases ( 1 SC, 3 WP, 3 Work Permit)

Dorms numbers are still not abating. It would be great if there is an update on the number of people swabbed in dorms and how many more are expected to be swab. This will help the community to understand the extent of the spread in Dorms

2) Community cases rise to 7

1 SC age 81 is unlike. The rest are contacts of cases and asymptomatic

2 new clusters are established. These new clusters are disturbing considering that we had 8 weeks of circuit breaker trying to break the cycle of Covid19

3) More than 5400 home renovation projects to resume work

 Good news for homeowners as work can now restart.
However, the workers are not required to undergo a Covid19 test if they are residing in private residential and HDB estate as they would have completed a mandatory 28 day stay home notice.

4) Approved travellers on new Singapore China fast lane need not serve quarantine.

-Travellers need to agree to be tested and bear the costs on both sides of the countries

-If tested positive, they will be hospitalised and pay for own treatment

-Open to business and official travels only

- Need Business organisation or government entity application for approval from the authorities

- Itinerary need to be submitted and adhere

- In Spore, the traveller needs to remain in insolation for 1-2days before test result is known. They are not allowed on mass transport and need to download trace together app. Same rules apply to Singapore Travellers to China

5) 5 people sentence for Covid19 related offences

Include 1 who breach Stay home notice by invited friends to the residence because he was bored, drunk riding motorcyclist, a sex worker.

6) Nine Students fined for gathering for tea and studying in an overcrowded apartment

There are 17 people in one apartment when they were caught!

7) How to claim income tax deduction on work from home expenses

For electricity and telephone bills, for example, the employee can compare their bills from before they started working from home and after.

For instance, if the electricity bill was S$50 in the month before the employee worked from home and then S$60 in the month after, then the difference of S$10 can be claimed.

8) Dengue outbreak in Singapore
9000 infected, 12 dead

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