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Singaporeans to get up to $1000 from June 18 - How much will you recieve?


From June 18, Cash from the Care and Support Package will be given to Singaporeans.

This package announced in February was meant to help with household expenses. 

If you are age 50 and above, with one child below 20 and declared less than $28K annual income in 2019, you would receive $1000 from June 18.

Who will get the funds?

All Singaporeans Age 21 and Above.

Find out how much you can get at this link.

How much will you get

You will get a sum of $300 to $600 under the Care and Support Package. This is on top of the $600 received back in April under Solidarity Payment. The quantum would be dependant on your income as stated below.

How will you receive the cash?

Cash will be disbursed via PayNow on June 18 to citizens with PayNow linked to NRIC. For those who had not linked their accounts, you can do so by June 11 to qualify

Direct Bank Crediting
If you had received the last payout via direct bank credit, you would have already registered under this. If not, you can register here at
Crediting of account will be by June 25

If you have not opted for any of the above modes of payments, a cheque will be mail to you from 30 June to 9 July.

This will not be all of the support provided. There are other policies available for Singaporeans. In July, there will be a one-off $100 Solidarity Utilities Credit for all Singaporeans. You can refer to the follow infographic for more details.

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