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61.24% : Daily Dose July 11


Singapore had made their voices heard. Despite the Covid19 virus lurking, 2,535,565 voters or 95.63% of registered voters turn up, determine to exercise their rights.

While the incumbent, PAP retains the supermajority AND the same number of seats as compared to 2015( 83 seats), due to the larger number of seats created, the opposition had wrested a newly created GRC from their grasp, thus increasing their official elected MPs from 6 to 10. The numbers, while seemingly small, spoke volumes of the feelings on the ground. 

One thing is for sure, we can now put the election on the backburner and focus all attention on the fight of COVID19 in Singapore. 

Let's kick off the daily dose with a wrap up of the election.

1) PAP wins 61.24% of votes, 2 GRC and 1 SMC won by the opposition

The big winner for the night was Workers' Party. They had managed to add another GRC to their portfolio, cementing their status as an 61opposition leader. 

While PAP successfully retains their Supermarjority, the margins fell from 69.9% to 61.24%, the second-lowest margin since independence. In addition, 2 GRCs were won by narrow margins- West Coast and East Coast. This included the constituency of 4G PM-designate DPM Heng  who won by 53.41%

2) Long queues at polling stations on Friday Morning
Videos and Photos were circulating on the long queues for the Polls. These were the result of the process of voting including safety measures such as wearing of gloves. The situation was dire enough to warrant an apology from the Election Department (ELD)

3) Voting hours extended to 10 pm
Opposition parties criticise the move. Thankfully, it did not cause much drama when results were announced

4) 191 cases confirmed for Covid19
174 Dorms
16 Community (7 SC, 5 WP, 4 Work Permit)
1 Imported

While GE2020 took over the news wave for the day, Covid19 still lurks in the background.

Cases edge back to close to 200 numbers.

The Work Permits and Work passes outside of dorms remain an issue. 

7 Singaporeans are on the list with 4 unlink cases

5) Shopper Traffic Stabilises 3 weeks into phase 2 of Singapore's reopening.

After the initial rush, it appears that shopper traffic had slowed. Some shoppers may also be more cautious about spending since the outlook on the economy moving forward is uncertain.

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