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Chicken Rice at 55¢ for Seniors on National Day

Head down to OK Chicken Rice on 9 August and enjoy Chicken Rice at 1965 price*! 

Dressed in National Flag Colours (that's red and white hor) and enjoy the following discount.

Seniors (Above 50) - 55 ¢
Everybody - 55% discount


At 55 ¢ per packet, it almost feels like one has travelled back to the day when Singapore gain independence! 

As for the 55% discount, here is a look at their menu

OK Chicken Rice (Halal Certified) is available at the following stores
  • Blk 721 AML S560721
  • Blk 3 St George S320003

This is not the first time OK Chicken Rice has been in the news. In the past few months, it had offered free meals to hospital staff, did a 'cheer-up' campaign to sponsor chicken rice to front line medical teams, introduce a pay it forward program, treat Taxi Drivers and PHV drivers and more. OK Chicken Rice had done it's part for the community and deserve a shout out. All the efforts are done on their own accord.

Do share this post and support the unsung heroes of Singapore.

*Price is estimate lah, might be lesser than but we were not born yet to verify.

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