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Life's a beach

Large crowds are spotted on the beaches of East Coast and Sentosa.

 Despite the maximum 5 per group rule, there are larger groups seen.  A good number are maskless with the excuse that they are eating and drinking. 

Are we back to good old days or is this a foretelling of what's to come?

1) 399 new cases
387 Dorms
9 community (1 SC, 3 Work Pass, 5 Work Permit)

The surge in dorms was prewarned a few days ago. For the past few days, the expected rise did not occur until now.
On a positive note, community case reduces to below 10 with one SC tested serology positive indicating past infection.

2)  28 people at 2 social gatherings to be charged for flouting Covid19 safe distancing rules
18 people had a gathering during circuit breaker while another 10 will be charged with breaching rules in Phase 2 with a public gathering.  Do note for Phase 2, maximum guests per house is at 5. Social gathering is limited to 5 person at any one time.

3) Sentosa, East Coast Park Crowds show complacency may have set in.
Warning by Masagos on facebook. A good number do not wear mask because they were 'eating and drinking'. Large groups were spotted in the area.

4) Primary School Phase 2A2 is on today 
Here are the schools affected.

5) Some ERP charges to resume for the first time
ERP rates of S$1 will apply at three gantries on the Central Expressway (CTE) from Jul 27 to manage congestion during peak periods, LTA said in a news release.

6) 100 people evacuated after fire breaks out in Punggol East HDB flat

The cause is under investigation

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