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Rediscover Singapore

Daily Dose: ReDiscover Singapore

With tourism bought to a screeching halt from both overseas tourists and locals planning for holidays aboard, it is time to look inwards and rediscover Singapore. DPM Heng had also announced a $320 million ReDiscover Vouchers for Singaporeans to use as tourism credit to spend in Singapore to prop up the tourist scene.

On our part, we also introduced activities that are Covid19 safe for families. Let's do our part and support our local tourist sector.

1) 91 new Covid19 cases

85 Dorms

6 Imported (3 SC/PR, 2 Work Pass, 1 Work Permit

0 Community

This is the second time community cases hit 0  within a week.

Imported cases are still detected from returnees from India, Indonesia and the US.

There are still 18,600 workers to be tested in Dorms.

2) JSS to be extended by 7 months

The Government will extend its wage subsidy scheme for Singaporeans till the first quarter of next year, but coverage will be reduced and adjusted based on the projected recovery of different sectors.

Source: Today

3) Singaporeans to get $320 million in tourism voucher to boost sector

 Singaporeans will be given $320 million in "tourism credits" to spend domestically as part of a campaign to prop up local businesses. 

Source: ST

4) The restaurant at Infinite Studios ordered to close for failing to comply with Covid19 measures

It had allowed groups of more than five people to sit together and sold alcoholic beverages after 10.30pm

Source: CNA

5) 9 social distancing activities for families

Planning a Covid19 safe activity for this weekend for the family?

This list might help.

Source: TWD

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