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Daily Dose - The Hidden Threat

The common theme in today's news is that Covid19 has made a subtle return to some of the dorms that were previously cleared. 

While it remains to be seen if this is just a blip or the start of the 2nd wave in dorms.

That said, the dorms are detected because of stringent testing. The same could not be said of the general community. The weekend has seen some 'hotspot's where crowds were seen in certain malls and large groups of people in parks. The need to remain vigilant remains. We are able to enjoy a little more 'freedom' because most are willing to make a little sacrifice.  Do not be the one to break this cycle.

1) 87 new Covid19 cases

  • Dorms: 73
  • Community 1 ( 1 Work Pass)
  • Imported cases 13 ( 5PR, 2 Student Pass, 1 Dependant Pass, 1 Long Tern Pass, 2 ST Pass)

There are about 13500 workers in dorms serving quarantine. Imported cases continue with double-digit. Interesting, 2 Short Term visitors were in Singapore to sought Medical Treatment from Bangladesh.  It was not specified if they are seeking treatments relating to Covid19.  ST Visitors are not allowed at this moment. 

The rest if the imported cases are from Philippines and India which had made up of 80% of the imported cases to date since borders were opened.

Source: MOH

2) 4800 workers issued stay home notice after new Covid19 cluster at Sungei Tengah Lodge

As of Sunday, 58 cases have been linked to the new cluster, all of them asymptomatic. The dorm was cleared of Covid19 in July.

Source: CNA

3) New Cluster at another Dorm - Homestay Lodge

There are now 5 cases from that cluster.

Source: MOH

4) Bayern Munich beat Paris St Germain 1-0 ti win Champions League.

Not Singapore related but if you see a sea of red at your workplace today, this might be the reason why.

Source: ST

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