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A Father's Love

 Daily Dose: A father's love

How far would you go to protect your child?

One man did the extreme and murdered the Son-in-law for his daughter. While taking laws into one's own hand is not the way to deal with things, when push to a corner, a parent would do anything to protect their children.

How far would you go?

1)31 new Covdi19 cases

  • 22 Dorms (16 Quarantine, 6 Survelliance)
  • 9 imported (1PR, 3 Work Pass, 1 Work Permit, 2 Dependant, 2 Student passes)

While the numbers rise, there are no community cases.

Dorms continue to detect cases from Survelliance. This has 2 implications. One, it would mean more workers will be quarantine. 2 The previous clearance of dorms was premature in view of the daily detected cases from surveillance. Do not be a surprise to see the dorms going through another cycle of lockdown.

The 9 imported cases are all from India. Although Singapore implemented a pre-flight test from 17, these are cases that probably arrive in Singapore before that date. Given the incubation period is 14 days, expect this number to only ease in 2 weeks time.


2) Universal Studios and Plaza Singapura Visited by infectious Covid19 Patients

Do note if you had been to the following locations.

  • 10 Sep 1435h to 2035h Universal Studios Singapore (8 Sentosa Gateway)
  • 11 Sep 1900h to 1950h Plaza Singapura (68 Orchard Road)Nanjing Impressions

Source: ST

3) Taking a Swab Test? It may not be as uncomfortable as you think

Read about a personal experience from ST

Source: ST

4) Boon Tat Street Death: Man who stabbed son-in-law get jail

An elderly man who stabbed his son-in-law thrice in broad daylight during a busy lunch hour and stood over him as he died was sentenced to eight-and-a-half years' jail on Monday.

Tan's actions came after Mr Tuppani made several business moves that Tan perceived as a ploy to cheat him of his company. They also lived in the same household, even after Tan's daughter discovered Mr Tuppani's affair with another woman and the couple was quarrelling frequently.

Given the circumstances, some had sympathised with the elderly man. It is sad that it had led to this conclusion.

Source: CNA

5)MAS closely studying reports on FinCEN leaks that mentioned Singapore banks in suspicious transaction

Local banks implicated in suspicious transactions.

Over the weekend, media reports, citing leaked secret documents that were confidential reports made to the US government, said global banks have facilitated more than US$2 trillion (S$2.72 trillion) in “suspicious” transactions filed with the US authorities over nearly two decades.

The three local banks – DBS, OCBC and UOB - were named in a sample of transactions extracted from the documents, dubbed the “FinCEN Files”.

Source: CNA

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