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How to deal with Pandemic-Related Anxiety

Do you feel anxious during this Covid19 phase?

Anxiety is a natural emotion that can be beneficial to human beings, however, when in excess, it can also have detrimental effects on how we think and how we live.

In the current times, where we are faced with a global pandemic, anxiety levels among the population across the world have significantly risen. This is completely normal, considering the impacts this pandemic has had on people’s health, the world’s economy, and has eliminated life as we know it. Additionally, many of us were confined to our homes for a large amount of time, some of us having to home-school children as we deal with additional stresses.

During this time, managing your anxiety with effective coping strategies remains essential for your emotional wellbeing. In this article, we will discuss how you can deal with pandemic-related anxiety, which many of us have become familiar with.

Do Not “Catastrophize”
Although feeling anxious during a global pandemic is completely natural, this emotion can worsen considerably when you focus too much on the news and what other people say. In the modern-day and age, thanks to technology, information travels faster than light and is readily accessible, even from unreliable resources. People are free to express their opinions online on social media platforms and this can aggravate your negative feelings. The best thing to do is to solely rely on reliable sources of information and do not focus too much on what other people are saying.

Develop a Daily Routine
During the pandemic, we all have lost a sense of normalcy, as we experience a massive disruption to our lives. Many people were secluded to their homes, without having to go to school or work and without a feeling of purpose. This can create anxiety for you and your family, therefore it is important that you try to create a routine in order to establish new normality into your lifestyle. This can be accomplished even if you are not working from home, simply by doing small tasks such as setting your alarm in the morning and making your bed, and doing things around the house that you have not had the time to do due to lack of time.  

Obtain Additional Support
When suffering from mental health issues, the best thing to do is to seek medical support so that the best treatment can be put into place, or so that they can advise you or coping mechanisms to manage your mental health on your own. During a pandemic, feeling anxious and any other mental health issues is natural and understandable. Throughout this time there are many practices that put measures in place in order to be able to support people remotely, therefore there are many mental health providers on te internet that you can contact in order to obtain the support you need to go through these unprecedented times. Do not be embarrassed to seek expert help as mental health can deteriorate if untreated.

If you need to, you can explore your online therapy options and look for more information from platforms like BetterHelp. 

Take Time to Self-Care
During the pandemic, where everyone is restricted as to what they can do and when so many people are barely leaving the house, taking time to yourself may be the last thing on your mind. However, do not neglect the importance of self-care in difficult times like these, especially if you have children and live with your family. Being alone, doing something you truly enjoy, like reading a book or going for a walk and listening to music, will improve your anxiety levels, even if it is one hour a week.

Maintain Contact With Loved Ones
The global pandemic has resulted in high levels of social isolation for most people, as physical contact with loved ones was greatly reduced. Studies have shown the impact of social exclusion on anxiety levels, and even though you may not be able to physically meet with your family and friends, there are other ways you can use to keep in touch. Fortunately, technology allows us to instantly message and even facetime each other, even when in different countries. This will not only take your mind off the pandemic, it will also reassure you that your loved ones are well and safe.

Stay Physically Active
Physical activity is an essential part of ensuring emotional wellbeing and mental health and just because the pandemic has resulted in all gyms and sports centres to be fully closed to the public, it does not mean that it is impossible to exercise. There are many workout routines you can follow online, some available free of charge. Keeping active during this time will help your anxiety levels stabilize and will also give you motivation and a sense of purpose.

Plan a Vacation Travelling abroad is something that people should not be considered during a global pandemic, given the risks this poses to everyone’s health. However, it can be easy to focus on the negatives and remember that better days are to come. Planning a trip for the future can be very helpful as it makes you concentrate on something positive and look forward to the future, rather than focusing constantly on the stresses associated with going through a pandemic. Anxiety is a natural feeling, considering all the sudden changes we are going through together internationally. However, it remains important that you look after yourself and your mental health so that you are emotionally healthy when the pandemic finally ends.

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