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The Great Divide

 Daily Dose: The Great Divide

The underlying cracks in Singapore are beginning to surface. First, it was the issue of the Singapore core at the workplace and now another controversy began to shimmer.

The recent acquittal of a domestic worker of theft, which in turn create doubts on the accusor, highlighted another crack in society. The accusor is CAG chairman Mr Liew. The uproar overnight was due to the impression that Temasek is defending him in a public statement that had highlighted his past contributions. 

The notion that anyone who had contributed to society and therefore above the law did not go well with netizens, creating a divide between those who perceive themselves as common folks and those with connections.

To the public, it is not a witch hunt, rather they would like to see that justice is blind and delivered.

1 )47 new covid19 cases

  • 46 Dorms (25 Quarantine, 21 Surveillance)
  • 0 community cases
  • 1 Imported cases (SC)

From a low of 22 cases, the numbers jumped back above to 47 cases with most of them from dorms.

The surveillance tests continue to show a high number. This indicated a possibility that the dorms testings were done too early for the workers during the initial phase. Likely, the virus was not detected during the incubation period. Unfortunately, due to the sheer number, it is probably unrealistic to quarantine and test after 2 weeks.

The good news is that there are 0 community cases. Imported cases have also dropped to just 1.

Source: MOH

2) New Cluster formed at S11 Dormitory @ Punggol

14 cases had been linked to the dorm

Source: MOH

3) Eateries in NTU, Yuhua Market, Pinnacle foodcourt on the list of recent visits by Covid19 active cases

  • Quad Cafe at NTU School of Biological Sciences on Aug 25 between 12.35pm and 1.30pm
  • Paik’s Bibim eatery at NTU North Spine Plaza on Aug 26 between 2.25pm and 3.30pm
  • Yuhua Market and Hawker Centre at 347 Jurong East Avenue 1 on Aug 27 between 8.30am, and 9.30am and again on Aug 29 between 9.10am, and 9.40am
  • Anjana Kitchen at Vision Exchange in Jurong East on Aug 27 between 1.50pm and 2.30pm
  • Essen at The Pinnacle foodcourt at 1 Cantonment Road on Aug 27 between 6.05pm and 7pm
  • North Spine Food Court at NTU North Spine Plaza on Aug 28 between 1pm and 2pm
  • Apgujeong Hair Studio at Jem mall on Aug 31 between 2.05pm and 2.40pm

Source: Today

4) ERP Readers to be replaced with free satellite-based units from 2021

Motorists will have to replace their vehicle's Electronic Road Pricing (ERP) readers from the second half of next year, as the authorities prepare to roll out the new satellite-based ERP system in mid-2023.

No distance base fare to be imposed yet.

Source: Today

5) 14 travellers from Brunei, NZ arrive in Singapore following the partial easing of border restriction

No flood of tourists yet. 

Source: Today

6) Temasek says CAG chairman Liew Mun Leong contributed much to Spore, cautions against jumping to judgement over the case involving ex-maid.

Unfortunately, this statement was not taken well by the general population, with many criticising this online as elitism.

"There are many individuals who have contributed to both public services and to the private sector in Singapore for the benefit of Singapore and our population as a whole. (Mr Liew) is one of those persons, and his track record at CapitaLand, at Changi Airport Group, and at Surbana Jurong attest to that."

"I think we should hear from Mr Liew on his side of the issue, and not come quickly to judgment until we've heard all sides of things."

- Mr Pillay

Source: ST

7) Govt will ‘deal with what went wrong' with the case of acquitted maid but there shouldn't be witch hunt: Shanmugam

Mr Liew’s former domestic worker, Indonesian Parti Liyani, was found guilty and sentenced by a district court to two years and two months’ jail last year on four counts of stealing. Her conviction was recently overturned on appeal, with a High Court judge highlighting flaws in the investigation of the case, the credibility of the Liew family and the way the prosecution handled the case.

Source: Today

8) Apple Floating Glass store to open at Marina Bay Sands on Sep 10

You know where to queue for iPhone 12 now...

Source: ST

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