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Daily Dose : Another Zero

Another day of 0 local transmitted case. This is the second zero in a week.  It's early days but a promising sign. It looks like the worse of the dorms is behind us. After months of anxiety, it may be time to move on.

That said, we do anticipate an announcement on some changes in Phase 2 soon. Watch this space!

1) 4 confirmed covid19 cases

All imported

Given the focus is back on imported cases, it would be interesting to check what is the % of arrivals that are tested positive. This will give a gauge of what we can expect once we open our borders to more countries.

Imported cases are from India and the Philippines.

Source: MOH

2 Couple accused of withholding info from health officers no longer allowed to return to China

Earlier this month, a district judge granted Wuhan native Hu Jun, 39, and his wife Shi Sha, 37, permission to leave Singapore from Oct 9 to Jan 20 if they met certain terms, including posting an additional bail of S$80,000 and remaining contactable during their travel.

There is a possibility of them not returning to face the music, thus it may be wise to retain them here.

Source: Today

3 Walking, cycling and kayaking tours allowed for groups of up to 20.

Does it mean that one can meet up with 19 other friends for this and circumvent the gathering of 5 rules?

 If you are thinking about it, there are additional measures to ensure rule of 5 is enforced, though we do not know-how strictly it will adhere to . This groups of 20 DOES NOT apply to self arranged groups as well.

Tour participants must still remain in sub-groups of five — the prevailing social gathering group limit, STB said in the news release.

Those in the same sub-group may interact with one another. Those from different sub-groups, however, are to maintain a safe distance of at least 1m and avoid intermingling at all times.

Source: Today

4) Jurong Point, FairPrice's Aljunied outlet added to list of places visited by infectious Covid-19 patients 

Keep note if you had been in the vicinity

11 Oct* 1935h to 2005h FairPrice Aljunied (114 Aljunied Avenue 2)

10 Oct* 1835h to 2000h Jurong Point (1 Jurong West Central 2)


5) Singapore Cinemas to begin rolling out compulsory Trace Together only entry from Oct 26

Better get you Trace Together Token or download the app if you have not done so.

There will be a grace period until Nov 16 for cinema operators to fully implement TraceTogether, after which it will be the only option for patrons for entry.

Source: ST

6) Jakarta main airport sets special lanes for Indonesia- Singapore Travellers.

Anyone heading to Jakarta?

Source: ST

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