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Perfect 10


Daily Dose: Perfect 10?

Zero cases in the community despite 10 infections. This is the kind of news we love to hear.

Let's keep the numbers down.

On the flip side, unemployment is getting worse in Singapore. Despite signs pointing to normalcy, not every sector has a chance to recover ( especially tourism and travel) . Let's hope we can get back what was lost in the coming months. 

1) 10 Covid19 Cases

  • 6 Imported cases 
  • 4 Dorms ( 1 Quarantine)
  • 0 Community cases.

Another day of 0 community cases. The disturbing thing in this report is the detection of dorm cases from surveillance.  This is like a bug that would not go away.

Interesting, the report now includes a breakdown of symptomatic and asymptomatic cases with 2 symptomatic cases observed for the imported cases.

The demographics for imported cases has also changed with zero cases from India and 3 from Myanmar

Source: MOH

2) Take up rate for opening in skills and jobs package is less than 1/3

Despite the jobs available, there appears to be a mismatch of expectations and jobs offered.  On the one hand, some job seekers are hesitant about moving into unfamiliar roles. Employers, on the other, are still getting used to looking beyond candidates with backgrounds that are an exact match for jobs.

Source: Today

3) Most CCA Allowed to resume after year-end exams, the cap on activities raised to 50 : MOE

From mid-October, most school activities, including co-curricular activities (CCAs), will be allowed to resume for all levels with safe management measures in place, the Ministry of Education (MOE) said on Tuesday

With secondary schools starting holidays at the of Oct and the primary schools having exams, might as well postpond this to next year. It's quite meaningless to start from Mid Oct. 

Source: Today 

4) Japan to remove travel ban for 12 countries including Singapore next month: Media

 Japan is planning to remove a ban on overseas travel to China and 11 other countries next month, the Yomiuri newspaper reported on Thursday (Oct 8).

The 11 other countries and regions include Taiwan, Australia, New Zealand, Singapore, South Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia, the Yomiuri said. 

It is Japan allowing overseas travel to these countries. No word if it is allowing foreigners to Japan, so hold your travel plans for the moment.

Source: ST

5) Singapore Resident unemployment rate rose to 4.5% in Aug

This means almost 5 out of 100 Residents would want to find work will be unemployed. Interestingly, it uses residents as a gauge and not citizens.  

Source: ST

6) COE Prices close mixed at end Oct 7

Premiums for small cars (up to 1600cc & 97kW) went down by 5.12 per cent to S$36,534.

Large cars (above 1600cc or 97kW) saw premiums go down from S$40,989 in the previous bidding exercise to S$40,690.

Source: ST


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