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Daily Dose: Smart Kids

So we have smart kids in our midst.  Topping 26 countries for global issues, intercultural skills. In addition, Singapore kids are ranked among the top six scorers where performance in reading, mathematics and science are accounted for in the computation of global competence.

If the trend continues, our local 'talents' should do well for themselves in the future.

1) 8 new Covid 19 Cases

7 imported 

1 Dorm (Survelliance)

After 0 cases the day prior, 1 case from surveillance pops up from dorms. That means the virus is still circulating but at a lower rate. Imported cases continue to take centre stage. This time 3 short term visitors from India is on the list including a 70-year-old M and a 1-year-old child. This is somewhat surprising given that ST visitors have been restricted for entry in Singapore.

Source: MOH

2) Spore Students beat peers from 26 countries in Pisa Test on awareness of global issues and intercultural skills.

Shows that local talents exist especially if the youth are topping global tests. 

The Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), which conducts the test, said that nearly half of students here could, among other things, evaluate information to differentiate between biased and unbiased sources and assess situations. 

This is higher than the average of 14 per cent across 27 education systems.

Source: Today

3) Grab Says revenue nearly back to pre-pandemic levels.

Grab, which has evolved from a ride-hailing app operator to offer services such as food delivery and insurance, said on Thursday (Oct 22) its third-quarter group revenue had risen to more than 95 per cent of pre-Covid-19 levels.

Not all business are badly affected. However, for those who are hit hard, they should be provided more help.

Source: CNA

4) Singapore private home prices rise fast 0.8 % in Q3

Recession, what recession?

Things are picking up. 

The Q3 price increase was driven by landed homes and a burst of buying in the city fringes and suburbs  after the two-month circuit breaker ended on June 1, said Ms Christine Sun, OrangeTee & Tie's head of research & consultancy. 

“Many long-term investors and wealthy buyers are on the prowl for properties as many are repositioning their wealth from riskier assets,” Ms Sun said. 

Source: ST

5) Mexican restaurant Los Amigos ordered to close for 20 days

A Mexican restaurant in Circular Road has been issued an order to close its premises for 20 days after breaching Covid-19 safe management measures multiple times.

This is the second time Los amigos has been taken to task. It was previously fined $1,000 and ordered to close for 10 days in July for having gatherings of more than five on its premises.

Source: ST

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