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A Different New Year Eve


Daily Dose: No Fireworks at Marina Bay

2020 has been a turbulent year. At this time, a year ago, many would be planning for year-end trips, Christmas celebrations and New Year Eve Party. Covid19 stops all these traditions on its track due to the need for safe distancing. 

As a result, we probably would be experiencing a smaller gathering for Christmas, a less crowded New Year Eve at Marina Bay. The traditional NYE Fireworks will also be cancelled and move to the heartlands.

1)7 Covid19 cases 

  • 6 Imported
  • 1 Community Case

After 5 days of zero community case, 1 community case pops up. The community case is unlinked and is a Short Term visitor Pass holder who has arrived from the US on 11 Oct. He was tested on 22 Oct and was negative. Later he developed a fever on 30 Oct and was tested for Covid19 on 2 Nov.

It's interesting to note that the first test was before the 14 days incubation period ( Oct 25). Given that the US is a high-risk country, we would have reckoned the tests will be more stringent. Nonetheless, this could still be an imported case. The only thing to do now is to do a robust tracking to prevent it from spreading.

Source: MOH


2) No New Year Eve Fireworks at Marina Bay

Light shows and projection images on buildings will replace it instead. Fireworks will move the heartlands

Source: TWD


3) Singaporean Women prefer taller and richer men, believe men should make the first move.

I guess I am lucky, not tall, not rich and wife technically suggested the first date ( after I made the first move). 

Source: Today


4) Man shot during a struggle with police in Balestier Raid

Even in Safe Singapore, there is always a risk. Low crime does not mean no crime. The man was shot during a raid while he assaulted an office and tried to grab the revolver.

Source: ST


5) OCBC Centre and Tampines restaurant visited by infection Covid19 cases

Take note if you have been to these places.

30 Oct* 1500h to 1630h

OCBC Centre (65 Chulia Street) OCBC Bank

28 to 29 Oct* 2330h to 0145h

Al-Hussain Restaurant (822 Tampines Street 81)

Source: Gov.sg


6) The US Election is nearing a nail-biting finish

Margins are razor thin at less than 1 % in key states of Pennsylvania and Georgia. No one is giving in. If you are interested in politics and drama, this race is the one to watch!

Source: CNN


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