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A New Hope


Daily Dose: A New Hope

Over the weekend, we have another 3 days of zero locally transmitted Covid19 cases. This is the 2nd consecutive 3 days of zero cases in the past 2 weeks. The virus is rounding the turn in Singapore and this is base on facts rather than unverified assumptions on the other side of the Atlantic.

Speaking of the other side of the world, the weekend saw the confirmation of a new President-Elect in the USA. It had been a colourful 4 years in the White House. Despite strong economic growth and popularity among his supporters, the sitting President could not gain a second term. In part, it is largely due to the handling of Covid19 and a strong turnout of the opposition. Hopefully, this could mean the real turn of the virus in the USA once President-Elect Biden takes over.

1) 2 Covid19 cases

2 Imported cases

No community cases reported since 5 Nov. That is 3 days in a row. A good start for November

Source: MOH


2) Pilot scheme to reopen nightlight.

A welcome move but may not be viable in the long term. The requirements for the opening include all customers entering karaoke lounges or nightclubs to have tested negative for Covid19 24 hours before their activity. The cost of testing could be more than the cost of admission. The inconvenience might also be a deterrent.

Source: Today


3) 5000 Airport Workers Tested Negative for Covid19

This is good news especially since the influx of imported cases to Singapore.

Source: CAAS


4) Best Outdoor playgrounds to explore in the heartland

Explore your hood with these interesting playgrounds!

Source: ST


5) Singapore's first cruise to nowhere set sails

Genting Dreams set sail on Nov 6 with 1400 passengers.

Source: ST


6) Biden wins US Presidential Elections.

He is officially President-Elect . However, the road to the White House is not over as Trump had issued lawsuits in various states and refuse to concede.

Source: CNN


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