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No New Local Cases of Covid19


Daily Dose : Back to normal transmission. 

The Good news is that we are into Day 4 without a local transmission for Covid19 in Singapore. Back as early as a month back, this is almost unthinkable. With the holidays on the horizon, this lull in the transmission is good news for everyone.

Will we finally have our first week without Covid19?

1) 8 Covid19 cases

8 imported 

No local cases. However, 8 imported cases were picked up. Imported cases are from India, Indonesia, UAE, Philippines and S Korea.

2) Up to 100 patrons allowed at clubs, karaoke open to groups of up to 5

It will only open to local residents and those with work pass. Must show proof of having Covid19 test in the last 24 hour before the entrance. Honestly, the rules are a tad too strict. Not sure if there will be people especially with the Covid19 test requirements. Imagine this conversation

"Let's go to the Club on Friday!"

" Cool idea, see you at the Covid19 test centre during lunchtime on Thurs!"


Source: ST

3)  Pfizer says Covid19 vaccine 90% effective.

If this is true, it is a big step for the fight against Covid19. Interestingly, this was announced only after Biden is confirmed as President-Elect. Approval could be as early as this month!

Source: ST

4) Covid19 safe distancing measures at 10 markets eased in Nov

Another indication that normalcy is returning to Singapore. Shop access is longer controlled and interim fencing has been removed.

Source: ST

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