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The Day of Reckoning

Daily Dose: Election Day

Nope, it is not Singapore's Election but the USA. Although thousands of miles away, this election could prove pivotal on how the world will be shaped in the next 4 years and how it will impact this little red dot.  

While the economy was booming prior to Covid19, the nonchalant response in The USA  is astonishing. Despite being a developed nation, the deep divisions and leadership had made a simple task like mask-wearing becoming political. Their fight with Covid19 was non-existence and herd mentality seems to be the way they are adopting. Despite comprising 3.8% of the world population, they have about 20% of World's Covid19 tally with 9 million + cases. Death rates are similar at about 20% of world's tally.

Whoever wins tonight, could possibly decide how Covid19 is handled globally going forward. That means that the economy will be impacted by the policies of the elected presidency. It is a big issue for the USA and the world.

On the homefront, things are looking up. The gloomy numbers in the USA do not reflect how well the republic is handling Covid19. For the 3rd day in a row, Singapore has 0 local transmissions. Considering that it took months of sacrifices to get to this day, it is momentous for the nation.

The weather has also moved in tandem with the day of reckoning. 

1) 1 Covid19 case

1 Imported case

The lowest number of cases reported in months. Additionally, local transmission is at 0 for 3 consecutive days. A first in months as well. Things are beginning to look up for Singapore. Could this signify Phase 3?

Source: MOH

2) Eatery at Terminal 3 added to the list of the public place

Heavenly Wang Cafe was added to the list of public places that had been visited by Covid19.  

Oct 22 between 705am and 740am

Source: Today

3) Heavy Rain lead to flash floods in areas across Singapore

Source: Fin.barr

'Ponds' were formed in 3 locations, Upper Paya Lebar Road, Loring Gambir, Mount Vernon Road. Massive Rain clouds were also spotted around Singapore.

Source: Today

4) Trace Together Token or App to be compulsory in School.

It was initially scheduled to be effective from Dec 1, but was pushed back until all tokens are issued. The main gripe by parents is that not every school kid has a phone and tokens are not scheduled to be delivered to some constituency until Dec 15.

The coordination team for this implementation needs to coordinate with the communication team. Such an announcement is like Putting the cart before the horse.

Source: ST

5) US Election Day

It's Trump vs Biden.

Who will hold the keys to the White House for the next 4 years.

Track the results at these sites


Fox News :

We are not biased, so here are 2 channels with polarising views to follow the election!


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