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Hope has arrived

Daily Dose : Hope has arrived.

After almost a year since Covid19 appeared on our shores, a vaccine has finally arrived. With Phase 3 on the horizon next week and the projected vaccination to the masses by end 2021, we could finally see the light at the end of the tunnel.

2021 will be a renewal year.

1) 10 Covid19 cases

  • 1 Community cases
  • 9 imported cases

The community case is unlinked and asymptomatic. She was tested positive before a scheduled cruise trip!

Additional, the 39-year-old woman had gone to visit Southern Islands in groups of 12. If pass precedent were to be followed, they should face penalty over this.

The other imported cases are from the UK, India, Indonesia and Myanmar. The UK the case would be the one to look at as a new strain of Covid19 in the UK caused mass infection and subsequent borders control by many countries to keep the new strain out.

Source: ST


2) 8 More staff in Mandarina Orchard tested positive for past Covid19 infection. 

Total is now 11 staff. This means that there is possible exposure to more via customers and family. These tally are not included in the daily count as they are past infection. Along with the over 100,000 dorms workers with past infections, they are just a footnote. For the record, if these numbers are included, the overall rate in Singapore would be 150K + instead of the current 50k+ positive cases.

There should be a protocol to check the staff of SNH accommodations for Covid19 to prevent spread. At the same time, this highlights the fact that more will be discovered to have Covid19 if testing is done. 

Source: ST


3) The First Shipment of Covid19 vaccine arrives in Singapore

This is Pfizer-BioNTech Covdi19 vaccine. It arrived from Brussels Belgium. There are no indication of how many does have arrived.

Source: ST


4) 2 RWS hotels ordered to suspend new bookings for a month for allowing large gatherings in rooms

The hotels are Beach Villas and Equarius Hotel.

At least 15 individuals gathered in  2 storey beach villa on Oct 10. Separately on Nov 17, 16 people gathered in one guest room at Equarius. No new bookings will be allowed for a month. However, hotels can fulfil existing bookings. There is no need to cancel your staycations if you already booked.

Source: Today


5) PSLE Posting results are out today

There will be SMS send to notify you of the school choices. Don't switch off the phone!

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