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Merry Go Round

Daily Dose: Merry Go Round

Covid19 comes back in full circle with another case detected from the dorm. From a streak of 15 days without a case, we now have 4 days with community case including one from the dorm that was our weak spot.

It is a Merry Go Round

1) 10 Covid19 cases

  • 8 Cases imported case
  • 1 Community
  • 1 Dorm

Community case is unlinked and detected through bi-weekly Rostered Routine Testing of workers at the frontline of Covid19. Unsurprisingly, she is a cleaner at the transit area at Changi Airport. Given the steady flow of imported cases, it would be possible that transmission is via this group. 

The dorm case was also unlinked signalling that it is not the end for Covid19 in dorms

Source: MOH

2) Singapore-HK air travel bubble postponed again.

The travel bubble between Singapore and Hong Kong has been delayed to next year, with the exact start date to be reviewed in late December, the Civil Aviation Authority of Singapore (CAAS) said on Tuesday (Dec 1). 

Looks like there will no more overseas holidays for kids this year.

Source: Today

3) Household debt to income ratio expected to rise as wages are depressed on the weak job market

Buying a house?

MAS called for the household to remain prudent in taking new debt.

Source: Today

4 Rainy Days ahead in Dec. Expect 22 degree temperature

No overseas holidays? Nevermind, still can use your jacket when aircon weather hits this tiny red dot.

Expect more rains with temperatures dipping to 22 degrees in the first half of Dec.

Source: ST

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