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25 Best Parenting Blogs in Singapore


Woo hoo.

We are on the list of 25 Best Parenting Blogs in Singapore by Best in Singapore. As parents, you would know that parenting is not an easy role. So one would welcome as much help as possible. Here at TheWackyDuo.com, we strive to bring you events, reviews and updates that would be useful in your parenting and personal journey.

Thanks for being with us all these years ( we have been around for 8 years and running!). With over 9.4 million page views since we started this website, we are glad to be able to reach out to so many like-minded parents in Singapore and beyond.

Stay with us for more good years! 

In the meantime, do check out the rest of the parent bloggers on the list. Having a wealth of parenting resources at your fingertips would be most useful for those moments when you need it!

Full Listing here

1 The Asian Parent
2 Rainbow Diaries
3 The New Age Parents
4 Yannisms
5 Lemon Film
6 Sakura Haruka
7 Sassy Mama Singapore
8 Mama Wear Papa Shirt
9 Life Tiny Miracles
10 A Pancake Princess
11 Mums Calling
12 The Wacky Duo
13 Universal Scribbles
14 The Perfect Father
15 Singapore Motherhood
16 Honey Kids Asia
17 Our Parenting World
18 Mother Kao
19 Singapore Sole Parent
20 A Happy Mum
21 Mother Inc
22 The Chill Mom
23 Mums and Babies
24 Madpsyche Mom
25 Mom I Love

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