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Daily Dose: 42

This is the highest number of imported cases since pre Circuit Breaker day on March 23.

While it may sound alarming, it would be expected as Singapore continues to open the borders. As long as it is traceable, this number is acceptable. There is one concern, in recent weeks, there were some 'local' cases that were visitors who were detected only after serving their SNH. As a result, there are possible exposure and 'leaks' to the community. The number of unlinked cases in the community increasing from 4 to 5 in the past week reflects this.

While community numbers are not significant. Through the past few months, we learn that many could be asymptomatic. For example, in dorms, officially 50K plus was diagnosed with the present infection, while 100K plus workers were confirmed to have Covid19 at some stage through the serological tests. Such numbers meant that there might already be cases in community that are undetected.

Regardless if the number is 42 or 100 or 1000. As long as we ensure that it can be controlled and it does not overwhelm our medical facilities, it is a case we have to accept should we move forward. Right now, we can only hope that the vaccine comes faster to protect those more vulnerable.

1) 42 Covid19 cases

42 imported. Breakdown as follows

  • Two are Singaporeans and two are permanent residents who returned from Malaysia and India
  • Six are dependant’s pass holders who arrived from Austria, India, Nepal and the United Arab Emirates
  • Four are work pass holders who came from India and the Philippines
  • Twenty-four are work permit holders who arrived from Bangladesh, India, Indonesia, Malaysia and the Philippines, of whom five are foreign domestic workers
  • One is a long-term visit pass holder who came from India
  • One is a short-term visit pass holder who arrived from India to visit his a parent who is a permanent resident
  • Two are special pass holders who are sea crew. They arrived onboard separate vessels from Myanmar and Indonesia and had not disembarked. They were tested onboard and were conveyed to the hospital when their Covid-19 tests came back positive

From the 42, only 4 are returning Singapore and PR and 5 foreign domestic workers. The rest are a mix of work permit, dependant pass, long term visit pass, short term visit pass. The majority are from India and Indonesia as per MOH. This trend has been ongoing with the 2 countries forming most of the imported cases. While pre-test is required before entry to Singapore, the a large number may raise a concern on the effectiveness. Without any percentage of positive cases given, it is not possible to affirm that this is 'normal' and other countries have similar % of positive cases.



2) Special Testing of 234 Crowne Plaza Changi Airport Staff completed, all negative for Covid19

This comes as a relief as 2 out of 3 cases were diagnosed with the more infectious B117 strain. However, the questions remain as to where the sources of the infections were given the fact it is possible that they are infected from 2 or more persons.



3) Workgroup launches guidelines to help parents manage activities and screen time for children, teenagers.

 Children and adolescents between the ages of seven and 18 should engage in at least an average of one hour of moderate- to vigorous-intensity physical activity daily and limit recreational screen time.

Ok boys, time to put in your jogging shoes and join your old dad for a run.

Source: Today


4) Rise in imported Cvodi19 cases in Singapore expected as infections climb globally: Expert

Actually, you do not need an expert to tell you that, especially when Singapore chooses to open the borders. However, if imported cases are disproportionally linked to one or two countries, this argument does not hold. While we have stringent border controls such as the requirements of pre-testing, the increased numbers of positive cases from a handful of nationalities after SNH questioned the effectiveness of these pre-tests. Either tests were ineffective in detecting the cases or are other possibilities such as infection during flight or even fraudulent results.

Source: ST


5) Additional entry restrictions may be imposed at Singapore malls with crowd management issues

Soon you may only visit your favourite mall on alternate days.

Source: ST


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