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Singapore's House of Horror

 Daily Dose: Singapore's House of Horror

The news that caught our eyes was the abuse of a woman by a family. The woman with intellectual disabilities was kept as a slave, chained to the toilet, poured hot water and make to sit on her own excrement. This was not done by 1 person but by a family of 4. It was only at the brink of death that she was bought to the hospital.

You might think that such incidents only happen overseas. The reality is that it had happened in our own backyard. The unlawful restraint and physical abuse are unheard of. Those who are involved should be meted a heavy punishment. Even those who know but do not do anything should be charged for failure to report a crime. 

It is indeed Singapore's House of Horrors

1) 33 Covid19 case

  • 2 Local community
  • 31 Imported cases

The local cases include a 43 female Malaysian working at Azur. She was the second person with the infection at Azur. The first was reported the day before. However, unlike the previous case, she was probably not infected with B117 strain. This raised the possibility that there are more than 1 source of Covid19 exposure at Azur!

The 2nd case is 63-year-old cargo operator at AirMark Aviation. He is also an unlinked case. 

When the cases remain low, community spread cannot be ruled out especially when such cases are unlinked.

As for the imported cases, 31 cases is still a rather large number. Of the 31 cases, 24 are not returning Singaporeans or PR. This really questioned the pre Covid19 Tests results that are necessary before arrival. 

Source: MOH

2) Crowne Plaza Changi Airport to closed

2 recent unlink cases prompted the closure. Preliminary investigations cannot exclude the possibilities that transmission could have occurred at the hotel. Given that was identified as possible different strains affecting the 2 cases, there is a possibility that the spread might be more widespread. Hotel to close for 14 days.

Source: MOH

3) Family treated the woman as a slave, knocked out teeth, poured hot water, chained her to the toilet bowl.

This is probably one of the most horrific abuse cases in Singapore in recent times. According to the report, the woman was only saved when she was sent to the hospital 'near her deathbed'.

Source: CNA

4) More frequent tests, additional requirements for those who do not take Covid19: Lawrence Wong

Individuals who choose not to take Covid19 vaccine may need to undergo more frequent tests, serve SNH and more. For those travelling or involved in large scale events, it may be better to consider vaccination.

Source: CNA

5) Starhub signs official distributor for Disney+

Now you can watch Mandalorian Season 2.

If you are looking forward to Disney+, it will be available on Starhub from 23 Feb. There are 6 content brands - Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and Star.

Fees are at $11.98 per month.

Source: CNA

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