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A Unhurried CNY

Daily Dose: An Unhurried CNY

How was your CNY gatherings?

Unlike in past years, this year has been a quiet affair. Reunion Dinner was a cosy affair instead of a 50 strong gather. As for CNY, save for the visit to parents and Grandmother's house, we had not done any other visits. Comparatively, we were busy heading from house to house the year before and even planned for a large group of families to come over.

Surprisingly, it was not as bad as one image. For once, we do not feel that we need to rush. On the other hand, spending more time with the immediate family was welcoming. Given our schedules, this was the perfect opportunity to catch up with our elders. It may not be as boisterous as before, but we did spend previous moments reconnecting. At the same time, because it was not so hectic, we get to have more time to reconnect.

Sadly, in Singapore, 5 guys would not have the pleasure to do so due to a speeding accident, contrasting the islandwide unhurried momentum. We send our condolences to the family.

1) 14 Covid19 Case
14 Imported
Although all 14 are classified as imported, one of the cases was in Singapore or a work project on Feb 10 and was tested negative. However, he was tested positive on 12 Feb. During this period, he was in the community with a controlled itinerary.

Source: MOH

2) Traffic Police exploring enforcement, road-calming measures at Tanjong Pagar after fatal crash

Interestingly, folks around the area had stated that speeding has been a common occurrence there. 

Use of road humps and speed regulating strips are considered. This comes after the accident on Saturday that took 5 lives due to speeding on the roads.

Source: ST

3 RSAF Fighter aircraft scramble in response to potential air threat

It would be good to provide more details since it did not escalate as the aircraft stood down. Happened on Day 2 of CNY. Some country might have decided that it is the best time to test our resolve.

Source: CNA

4 Bar and Restaurant added to list of places Covid19 positive cases visited.

  • Beast & Butterflies restaurant at M Social Singapore hotel (90 Robertson Quay) on Feb 11 between 9pm and 10pm, and on Feb 12 between 12.30pm and 1.30pm
  • Bar Bar Black Sheep bar (86 Robertson Quay) on Feb 12 between 7pm and 8.45pm

Source: Today

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