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Justic League Snyder Cut Preview is out!


Who is interested in this?

With the scarcity of Super Heros movie on the big screen, the Justice League Snyder Cut is one that Super Hero fans would love to watch.

The trailer for the movie just drop. You can watch it here.

The Movie will debut in March 2020 at HBO MAX.

If you do not know, Snyder was the original director of Justice League before he dropped out of the movie during post-production following the death of his daughter. He was subsequently replaced by Whedon who directed additional scenes and change most of the film. As a result, the original vision of the Justice League was abandoned. It was ultimately considered a flop despite raking in $657 million worldwide as its total production and marketing breakeven was at $750 million.

Since then, fans had been asking for the Snyder cut to be released. The Trailer itself includes never before scenes such as Barry Allen and his father Henry, Flash rescuing Iris West and an appearance of Suicide Squad Jared Leto's Joker and a more powerful villain- Darkseid. As a result, the show promised to be a completely different experience than the theatre release.

Moreover,  this film will be over 4 hours long! 

Initially, it was thought that it would be a miniseries but it will be changed to one. For fans in Singapore, HBO Max will not be available. However, it is said that deals would be made to have it distributed worldwide. Watch this space for updates!

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