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Sterra Water Purifier Review : 6 Reason why this should be in every home

Want to get clean filtered water at the touch of the button?

You need not store water in the fridge or boil water in today's high-tech world whenever you need a glass of cold water or hot tea. Instead, water dispenser for home use is fast becoming the norm.  The stylish Made in Korea- Sterra Tankless Water Purifier is one fine example.

It is the perfect on-demand water dispenser for the modern home. At the touch of a button, you would enjoy your beverages without the additional need to sterilise or make them cold. On top of that, having safe and healthy water for the family is the number one priority for this Dad. With the Sterra Water Purifier, it ticks the right boxes in terms of ease of use, clean water and a stylish design.

Clean Water at the touch of the button

Here are 6 reasons why every home should have a Sterra Water Purifier

1) Save Space in your Fridge with cold water on demand

If you are like us, you probably have stored bottles of water in the fridge for convenience. While this is great to get cool water, it also meant that precious space is taken up in the fridge by plain water. Using a Water Purifier will free up space for more items to be stored. 

It will also mean that the fridge would not need to work too hard to keep things cool with more space. Sterra Water Purifier instantly provides water at 4,25 and 40 ℃, so you and have both cool and warm water at any time you need. 

Cold Water in 2 seconds

The time for a chill drink?

A mere 2 seconds on demand.

Best of all, this is a tankless system. There is no need for you to add water or order new water bottles as it takes the water straight from your water supply. Just place in near a powerpoint, and you are good to go.

2) 2 Second Hot Water on Demand when you need a cup of tea or coffee or even a cup noodle

You can say goodbye to the good old kettle or thermal flask with the Sterra. With water at 87 ℃, it can make your hot cuppa instantly. No need to wait for the water to be boiled in a kettle or to constantly top up the air pot whenever you need a hot drink. This function works great for cup noodles too!

It does come with safety features such as a 3-second long press before hot water is dispensed.  For families with younger kids at home, this is a must-have feature. For older kids, the ease of use means that you can request them to make you a cup of tea anytime you want.

3) Enjoy clean and healthy water with a better taste

The main highlight for Sterra Water Purifier is the 4 stages filtration system. This removes suspended solids, chlorine, pathogenic bacteria, and odours. This means every drop of water you get from Sterra is fresh and healthy without the hint of metallic or rusty taste. 

UV Sterilisation

The glowing circle with the UV initials on the machine indicates that UV sterilization is at work. When it blinks, it means the UV sterilization is underway. When it is a steady light, the UV sterilization process has been complete. There is no need to second guess if your unit has been sterilized and fit for drinking, making maintenance a fuss-free affair.

Pop out when use.

The sterilization process is as simple as pushing the nozzle in and it will take about 30 minutes to complete. Nonetheless, should you wish to have a drink in between, you could always take the nozzle out to draw water as you wish.With this double protection, you can be assured of clean water everything you reach out for a drink.

4) Low Maintenance

When it comes to machines, the lower the maintenance, the better. While the technology may sound overwhelming, the maintenance for this is surprisingly easy.

For one, the Sterra is designed to be self-maintained. It uses Electrolytic Sterilization to self-clean the inner pipes. This unique feature is not usually found even in the high-end models. 

The only thing left for you to do is to change the filter. The filter consists of just 2 modules. One of them requires changing every 4 months and the other every 8 months. Changing is easy as you simply detach the canister and reattach a new piece. In case you tend to be forgetful, there is a filter change reminder lamp to assist in reminding you. As for the filter change, the installer can guide you through during installation.

As a bonus, each unit comes with 2 years filter set supply, so you need not worry about filter change for the near future.

5) Stylish Design

Sleek and Slim

Design and made in Korea. 

That should qualify it as a work of art. Korea is well known for R&D in electronics, and this is no exception. With the ability to keep the nozzle when not in use, you will have a sleek and stylish unit that would not look out of place in a modern home. 

Get it for CNY!

It comes in Platinum White and Chromium Grey to suit more decor. It will make a stylish addition for Chinese New Year!

6) Great Price + 2 Year Free Filter Set

The Price of the Sterra Water Purifier is now discounted at $1599 ( up to $2199). Comparatively,  a similar competitor unit may cost upwards of $2000. With 1-year motor warranty and 3 years part warranty, it will give buyers peace of mind. Delivery and Installation is complimentary. For convenience, time, and comfort that healthy water can be ready at the touch of a button, the Sterra Water Dispenser will be worth the price.

For our readers, we do have a special discount code for you. Get an additional $100 off any purchase by quoting WACKYDUO100  Hurry, as the code is only valid until 25 February.

The Sterra Water Dispenser has Dad and Son's approval. You can get this from this link.

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