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LEGO Disney Winnie the Pooh : Avaliable now!

Fans of Winne the Pooh rejoice!

LEGO will be releasing its Winnie the Pooh Set (21326).

Based on a winning concept submitted by LEGO fan Ben Alder, this set is the perfect project for kids as well as adult builders who want to relive their youth.

Source: LEGO

Source: LEGO

The set revolves around a large oak tree that is complete with bees and beehives with the iconic Winnie the Pooh house taking the centerstage. Those who had read the stories or watch cartoons, they will be most familiar with this scene.

Source: LEGO

There will be five new characters with their own accessories. 
  • Winnie the Pooh with his red balloon to collect honey 
  • Piglet wrapped up in his scarf
  • Tigger with his sack and a stick
  • Rabbit with carrots for snacks
  • Eeyore with his tail and removable ribbon
Source: LEGO

Other accessories include a campfire and log, a front door with Mr Sanfers sign and more. The who set consist of 1265 pieces.
Source: LEGO

This set is now available in store for VIP members from March 18 and in store for everyone from 1st April 2021.
Source: LEGO

Retail price for this set is set at $159.90


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