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Little Farms @ Katong Point Joo Chiat Review


Over the weekend, we spotted a new grocery outlet along Joo Chiat Road

Little Farm has opened its largest store at Katong Point selling natural and organic supplies.

This is a local grocer that source its food products from Australia and Europe.

Taking up the entire first flow, it is a one-stop-shop for shoppers, diners, Bristo and Bar lovers. 

The fifth outlet in Singapore and the first in the East, this outlet is about 557sqmeters big.

The grocer occupies one half of the footprint with fresh fruits, butchery, bakery and other products like cheese. 

While it may not be your supermarket size or standard, it is more suited for those who intend to grab groceries to whip up their own organic dish.

If you are stocking up on meat, cheese or even bakery, this would be the place to go. If you are looking at toiletries, Asian snacks, shampoo, you will be better off in the usual Supermarket.

When you are done shopping, you could head to the Bristo to dine in or grad ready-made meals like flatbreads or pasta. There is even a bar there for your beers, wines and signature cocktails.

Little Farms will surely find its niche market. For us, we are just happy to see another interesting place to visit in the East. One more thing, parking is not exactly cheap. An hour will cost you $3 and subsequently $0.75cents per 15 minutes. Try to score roadside parking instead. They cost $1.20 per hour.

Little Farms
Katong Point
451 Joo Chiat Rd
Singapore 427664

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