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Secondary School PSLE Cut Off Point IP, Express, Normal (Academic), Normal Technical)2022 ( Base on 2021 Instake)

 Official  Indicative PSLE Cut Off Points for 2021 has been announced.

This year, instead of the usual 3 digit Cut Off Points (COP), it will be replaced by a new scoring system that will be used for 2022 intake. Thus, the COP is converted to the new point system to give some clarity to both students and parents.

Instead of 200 possible points, the number of points has been reduced to a combination of 25 points for this year tabulation. For easy reference, we had ranked the schools according to their maximum COP. The one with the least COP will rank highest and vice versa. Additionally, we will be separating the IP COP and Express/ Normal for easier reference.

The data are taken directly from MOE, for clarification, do refer to this link. 

FOR THE LATEST NUMBERS with additional information, do check out this post.

IP Cut Off Point

Express/ Normal COP

*Orange denotes mergers of schools from 2023 onwards.

Points to note


There is a new scoring system to be implemented for this year PSLE cohort. P6 students taking the exam will receive Achievement levels of 1to 8 for each of their 4 subjects. The overall score will be the sum of these achievement levels. Unlike the old PSLE system, the lower the score, the better. The lowest possible score one could get is 4.

The scoring system as follows

Source: MOE
For Foundation level subjects, the scoring will be weighted for an equivalent standard level AL

Indicative, the placement of Express, NA, NT will be as follow.


Indicative range of COP each separate scores differ for Government & Government aided schools, autonomous schools and Independent Schools

Government Aided Schools

Express (IP)  7-9

Express (O Level) 8-22

Normal Academic  21-25

Normal Tech 26-30

Autonomous Schools

Express (IP)  7-9

Express (O Level) 8-15

Normal Academic  21-24

Normal Tech 26-30

Independent School

Express (IP) 6-8

Express ( O- Level 8-10

SAP School / Higher Mother Tongue Language (HTML) requirement

It is noteworthy that SAP schools also have additional HCL scoring attached to the points.

HCL Grading as follows

D= Distinction

M = Merit

P = Pass

The HCL grades of the first and last student admitted into SAP schools are reflected in parenthesis. If the first or last student did not take or pass HCL, no HCL grades would be shown. 

E.g. 10 (P) and 11 (D)

The student with 10 (P) will have priority over 11 (D)


1- An Overall PSLE score of 8 or better


2 An overall PSLE score of 9-14 and attain

AL1 or AL2 in MTL or Distinction / Merit in HMTL


Next year, the ranking of the school will play an important part. With the lower difference in scoring, this would mean more competition for the same school. For students with similar scores, the one that ranked the school higher on their choices will be considered over the other.

Choosing school cannot be as frivolous as it was in the past, where you can 'try your luck' for higher COP school as your first choice.


Given the tight range of scores, balloting may be possible for slots in Secondary Schools. Unlike Previous PSLE T-scores with decimal points to determine the placement, under the AL scoring system, it is not possible to distinguish students with the same number of points. Thus balloting may be necessary for this case.

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