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Coastal PlayGrove Food : Food Splash, Old Town White Coffee, Burger King and More

Heading to Coastal PlayGrove for a family day out?

Other than having Singapore's tallest outdoor play feature, Coastal PlayGrove has a selection of food options to cater to various foodies. From the familiar Old Town Coffee that once occupied the old Big Splash site to new entrants under the Food Splash outlet, there is something for every foodie at Coastal PlayGrove.

Food Splash
Food Splash serves as the 'foodcourt' of Coastal PlayGrove. The restaurants are a tad more upmarket, but with a pocket-friendly price.

There is an air-conditioned seating area as well as an outdoor seating area.

Luv Coffee

Luv Coffee is a grab and goes outlet. Here you can grab a range of beverages as well as sandwiches, cakes and pies. You can also opt for a selection of Frappuccino and bubble tea from Partea to go.

Prata Wala Signature
For those who had been to the former Big Splash, they would remember Mr Teh Tarik Eating House with a wide variety of pratas and Indian Food.  

Prata Wala took over the reins. The Prata choices have lessened, but there are other choices such as  Seafood, Tandoori and Vegetarian selections.

Kimchi Box
Kimchi Box was formerly located in Suntec City.  Grab a Budae Jjigae Army Stew, Beef Bibimbap, Korean Fried Chicken and more.

Picotin Express
A causal European Bristo, Picotin Express serve bar snacks and pizzas.

Check out the selection of macaroons and cakes to go. 

Burger King
For those who prefer fast food, Burger King is back. Unlike Food Splash, it is a standalone restaurant with ample seats both in and outdoor.

Old Town Coffee


Old Town White Coffee has returned to their old spot. This time around, it is one of the main anchor tenants with its own standalone building. 

Other than coffee, you could look forward to local favourites such as Nasi Lemak, Prawn Mee, Fried Wanton and more. Old school Kaya Toast and other sandwich sets are avaliable.

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