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Super Flower Blood Moon on May 26 : Here are the timings


The rare Super blood moon will brighten the sky this evening.

Stand by your telephoto lens. For those with Huawei P30 Pro, just get ready your phone.

What is the Super Flower Blood moon?

The Super Flower Bloom moon is a total lunar eclipse. Earth's shadow falls across the moon's face during a lunar eclipse as our planet moves between the moon and the sun. In a total eclipse like this one, the moon gets completely covered by Earth shadow. It will kind of resemble Pac-man eating up the moon. 

During this period of 1-2 hours, it will get darker. You will also see the moon turning copper-red , thus giving it the name 'Blood Moon' . Since today is also Vesak's day, this occurrence is thus named as Super Flower Blood Moon.

For 2021, May 26 is the only day you can witness this rarphenomenon

Start (when it's visible): 7:11pm
Peak: 7:18pm
Ends: 9:49pm

If you can't see the moon from where you are, you can also watch the Total Lunar Eclipse on Youtube at this link.

Here is a video of what you can expect tonight.

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