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Dig in Cakes Review : Gourmet Artisanal cakes for all occasions

When it comes to cakes, we cannot say no to them.

Thus when Dig In Cakes offered some cakes to us to review, we decide to check them out. Upon browsing their website and be greeted with beautiful looking gourmet artisanal cakes, it was an offer that is hard to resist.

Dig In Cakes

Source: Dig in Cakes

Dig in Cakes provides Cake Delivery Singapore. Given how the pandemic had changed the way we shop, getting a cake online is now becoming a norm.

Ordering process

Ordering the cakes was a breeze. you choose the cakes you are keen on, add them to the cart and your freshly baked cake will be delivered to you at the stipulated time. During the orders, you can add candles to your orders and it even comes with a free Happy Birthday Cake Topper. Prices are pocket friendly with cakes starting from $36. 

For orders above $100, you would enjoy free delivery. Otherwise, delivery will be at $10 per trip. If you would like to have the cake within an hour, there is an additional delivery fee of $20. Having the cakes delivered will save you time from visiting the malls or shops to order and head down on a later time or date to collect. We think for convenience, the fees are worth it.

The Cakes

Dig in Cakes provide a wide range of cakes. From the sweet Cheesecakes to evergreen chocolate cakes to novelty Durian cakes to Local delights, there are plenty of options you can choose from. The cakes come from a size of 6 inches to as big as 9.5 inches. A 6-inch cake is about 500g and a 9.5 inch about 1.3kg

While we would love to have a good at all the cakes, there is a limit to how much we can savour. Thus we opt for a cheesecake, a chocolate cake and a local cake.

8" Speculoos Biscoff Cheesecake 

Was $82, now $69

Speculoos Biscoff Cheesecake

We always have a soft spot for cheesecake. 

This Biscoff cheesecake does not disappoint. It is made with a Biscoff Biscuit base that has a tinge of caramel in it. The cake is filled with creamy cheesecake, whipped cream and Biscoff biscuit bits. The cheesecake is buttery smooth and not 'hard' to bite. 

A winner in our books.

8" Mao Shang Wang Durian Cake

Was $98, now $80

Next up is a local cake - the Mao Shang Wang Durian Cake. If you are a fan of durian, you would know that this is durian season. The Mao Shang Wang Durian Cake is distinct with its cake design that resembles a durian husk.

The Mao Shang Wang Durian cake is layered with premium Mao Shang Wang Durian. We could taste the familiar bitterness of durian with each bite. This rendition is perfect for durian lovers.

6 " Dark Chocolate Banana  Mousse Dome

Was $58, now $44

Dark Chocolate Banana Mousse Dome

Choosing a chocolate cake can be quite difficult with the array of choice on the website. We decided to go for the prettiest cakes we see- the dark chocolate Banana Mousse Dome.

This cake is in 6 inches. In comparison to the 8 inches, we think the difference in size is negligible. The dome shape is also pretty unique for cakes.

The cake is filled with banana and chocolate mousse that is covered in dark chocolate glaze. While we are not big fans of dark chocolate, this combination works. Mousse cakes are mean to be soft on the inside, so it almost feels like you are eating whip cream for this cake. The combination of banana and mousse creates a burst of flavour in the mouth.


Digging in !

If you are searching for value for money artisan cakes, we think Dig in Cakes fits the bill. In addition to cakes, you can also order flowers, balloons or a combination of items from the website. It is a one-stop shop for the birthday celebration, surprise parties or special occasions.

Head to Dig In Cakes to order your cakes here.

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