Enrichment class annouced postive COVID-19 cases from their classes


Some enrichment/tuition classes are still conducted physically.

Base on the last wave, such classes are deemed to be a hotspot for COVID-19 to spread. Given the class size, the number of students and the time spend in an enclosed area, the chances of a spread are high even with distancing and face masks.

As such, there are many tuition centers that had opted for online classes despite that physical classes are still allowed under Phase 2HA. However, there are some centers that are still having physical classes. 

One such centre has reported cases with COVID-19

While they are operating under the guidelines set by MOH, it might be time to consider changing the guidelines. With exams, prelims and critical exams coming up for the graduating cohort, the last thing that we want is a full HBL for schools as a result of this leak

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