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Guide to NDP 2021

 It's official, NDP will be held at Marina Bay Floating Platform for 2021.

Last year, due to COVID-19, NDP was held on a small scale with a small parade at the Padang, evening performances at The Star Performing Center and heartland activities such as a mobile column. This year, NDP will return to the Marina Bay Floating Platform albeit at a smaller scale than compared to pre-COVID days. While heartland fireworks will return, the activities seem to reduce this year.

Here is what you can expect for NDP 2021


Live-Virtual performance in Parade and Ceremony Segment where civilian entities will participate and join the parade via virtual means.

All participants will have to be fully vaccinated and undergo weekly rostered routine testing. Frontliners will be invited to the parade. There is no balloting for the parade.

Heartland Fireworks

Red Lions

Virtual Choir and Virtual Dance

Join August as he sings and dances to NDP 2021 theme song " The Road Ahead" with dance moves by SportSG. Submit your entries here and you might appear in the dance videos that will be aired on all NDP social media platforms.

There is no word if the mobile columns will return this year. It was a hit during NDP 2020 parade. Given the fluid COVID-19 situation, we reckon that this would probably be omitted for 2021.

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