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Phase 2 Heighten Alert v2 : Full Restrictions List


A slew of restrictions was announced yesterday.

Phase 2HA is being reintroduced. There are a few changes to Phase 2HA version 2.

Phase 2HA will be from Jul 22 to Aug 18. Here is a comprehensive list of all the changes for Phase 2 HA. 

Group Size

  • Permissible group sizes for the social gatherings to reduce from 5 to a maximum of 2 persons. Individuals to limit an overall number of social gatherings to not more than 2 a day.

Visitors per household

  • Cap fo 2 distinct visitors per household per day

Schools restrictions

  • CCA to be conducted online
  •  No group activities for PE. Individual mask off activities in outdoor or well-ventilated venues allow
  • All mask off music and drama classes suspend.
  • Centre-based classed to be online for non-graduating cohorts.
  • After school care arrangements to continue
  • Fix seating during recess
  • All institutions of higher learning will continue to keep in-person class/lecture to no more than 50.

Tuition / Enrichment classes

  • In personal private tuition and enrichment classes that involve mask-off activities such as singing and playing of wind instruments will not be allowed
  • Other tuition/enrichment classes to go ahead but strongly encouraged to go online.

Dining in disallowed

  • Indoor and outdoor dine-in F & B  including hawkers and food courts to offer takeaway and delivery 

Work From Home

  • WFH to be the default. No cross-deployment of workers to multiple work sites.
  • Stagger start times and flexible working hours to continue
  • Social gatherings at the workplace will not be allowed

Personalised services with masks removed disallowed

  • This would include facials, saunas, make-up services.
Exercise classes, indoor sports and exercise activities

  • Strenuous indoor exercise classes, or strenuous individual and group indoor sports and exercise activities will cease.
  • Only indoor facilities with low-intensity sport and physical activities are open. All facilities will not be allowed to offer weight, strength or resistance training.
  • No sharing of equipment and climbing walls are not allowed.
  • Indoor/outdoor mask on classes up to 30 persons in groups of up to 2, 3 m apart
  • Mask off activities are only allowed outdoors for 2 persons. For classes, such as swimming can take place with only 2 people ( including the instructor)
  • Large outdoor classes must be conducted by registered SportSG instructors.
  • Physical activity of a social nature should be kept to 2 participants

Singing and playing of instruments 

  • Playing of instruments that require intentional expulsion of air (wind or brass instruments will not be allowed) Singing will also be disallowed

Medical and Dental consultations 

  • These consultations that required mask removal will be allowed. Non-medical facial treatments will be exempted.

Event Sizes and Pre-Event testing (PET) requirements

Up to 100 persons with PET, 50 persons without PET allowed for 

  • Live Performances and MICE: No unmasking for speakers or performers. No singing or playing of instruments that require intentional expulsion 
  • Spectator and participatory sports events
  • Marriage solemnisation and weddings:  Group size of 5 per table. Unvaccinated individuals are strongly advised not to attend.
  • Cinemas:  Masks to be worn at all times.  No F& B allowed
  • Congregational and other worship
  • Indoor and Outdoor Shows
Capacity reduction
  • Attractions: reduced to 25% capacity from 50%.
  • Museums and Public Libraries: Reduce to 25 % capacity
  • Shopping malls and showrooms:  Reduce to 16 sqm per person from 10 sqm per person.
  • Tour Groups: Up to 20 personal per tour

New Measures

  • Mandatory SafeEntry check-in at Wet Markets and Hawker Centres islandwide
  • Differentiated safe management measures for vaccinated people will be on hold.

Source: MOH

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