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Home Recovery vs Quarantine Orders vs Health Risk Warning vs Health Risk Alert vs SHN vs LOA

Do you know the difference?

There are 6 different instructions provided if you are linked to Covid19. You might be exposed as close contact, a visitor to Singapore, a confirmed case or simply isolated as general cautious. Due to the similarity in the instructions, one could easily be confused.

They are as follow

  • Home Recovery (HR)
  • Quarantine Orders (QO)
  • Health Risk Warning (HRW)
  • Health Risk Alert( HRA)
  • Stay Home Notice (SHN)
  • Leave of Absence (LOA)

Here are more details to each instruction

1 Home Recovery

Source: MOH

What is this?

This is the default care management for COVID19 patients who are medically stable and suitable. It enables patients to stay with families during the recovery

Who is it for?

Positive Covid-19 case

  • Fully Vaccinated
  • Age 12-69 * - Young unvaccinated children age 2-11 can be placed on home recovery if clinically fit.
  • No or mild symptoms
  • Have no severe co-morbidities or illness
  • Household members should not include the elderly 9age 80 and above) or individuals in a vulnerable group
  • Able to self isolate in a room, preferably with an attached bathroom


  • If you are unwell or has a positive Antigen Rapid Test (ART), visit a Public Health Preparedness Clinic (PHPC) for a Polymerase Chain Reaction  (PCR)Test. If positive and you meet the criteria, you would need to self-quarantine in a room at home.
  • A telemedicine provider will conduct an initial remote assessment to sure you are clinically well.
  • An officer, known as Home Recovery buddy, will keep in touch throughout this period
  • You are to monitor health conditions and submit readings at least once a day via a link provided in your Home Recovery Booklet.
  • You may receive a home care pack if you do not have an oximeter at home. For medicine, you can access the 24/7 telemedicine service. Medication will be delivered should you require it.
  • Day 6 - You can opt for a PCR test to assess recovery status. If negative or showing low viral load, you are discharged and can resume daily activities on Day 7. If showing high load or if you do not opt to take a test on Day 6, continue to isolate yourself until Day 10.
  • Day 10- You are discharged automatically as long as you are well. No memo will be provided
  • After Discharge, you are to minimise social interactions for 7 days. Approach your telemedicine provider for a Medical Certificate if you need more rest.

Additional Information

  • Household members living at the place of residence, they are to register for Home Quarantine Order. The requirements for HQO can be found here
  • Do note that under the infectious Disease Act, it is compulsory to register as Persons under Quarantine (PUQ). Register here https://go.gov.sg/quarantinereg
  • Household members can only exit quarantine if their mandatory exit PCR test is negative. 
  • MOH will bear the cost for all tests related to HQO
  • A daily ART test is required for other family members in the same household under HQO. It is not required for HR cases

2 Quarantine Order

Source: MOH

What is this?

A Quarantine Order (QO) is a legal order issued to isolate you from the community. You can serve QO at home, a dedicated Government Quarantine Facility (GQF) or the hospital depending on suitability. For household members living at the place of residence for Positive Covid-19 case will be issued Home Quarantine Order (HQO)

Who is it for?

Suspected Covid19 Carrier or those in close contact with COVID-19case


You will be tested for COVID10 during the Quarantine period. 2 PCR swab tests will be conducted

  • Entry PCR Swab test will be scheduled at the start of the QO period for early detection of possible infection
  • Exit PCR Swab test will be scheduled before the QO ends to prevent potential transmission should you be infected.

Test results will be sent 1-4 days via SMS. You can also check the results on HealthHub Page.

  • You are expected to perform a self-administered daily ART swab test during your quarantine period and 3 days after the end of your QO. You are to report your ART swab test results here.
  • ART kit will be provided when you go through your quarantine entry swab at the clinic or test centre
You are NOT allowed to self-discharge.

Additional Information

  • Family members who are caregivers to PUQ or family members receiving care from PUQ, you are required to sign a Stay Order and not be allowed to leave the house. An ART has to be done on the last day of Stay Order
  • Individuals whose family members are not issued QO may opt for a government quarantine facility.
  • QO Allowance can be applied if QO is completed without breaches. The claim is peg at $100 a day and applies if you are a self-employed Singapore Citizen or PR. Approved caregivers of a person under quarantine can also apply for QOA subject to eligibility. Singapore-registered companies whose employees (SC, PR or Work pass holders) are served QO can apply for QOA. FDW are not eligible. Currently, QO allowance is not confirmed to be provided for those serving Home Recovery.

Useful Links

QO Allowance Form


3 Health Risk Warning

What is this?

Health Risk Warning is a notification that you have been identified as a close contact of COVID-19 via TraceTogether / Safe Entry Data.

Who is it for?

For those identified by TT or SE to be in close contact with a positive case or for those who are near Covid-19 cases for an extended period. 

What to expect

  1. Day1: Book an appointment for PCR at either a Private Practitioner of Swab-And-Send-Home (SASH) clinic.  Entry PCR Test. Self-isolate until a negative result.
  2. Day 3, 5, 6: Self-administered ART
  3. Day 8: Exit PCR Test
  4. Day 10: End of HRW

It is required by law to comply with these testing and isolation requirements. 

Testing location  https://go.gov.sg/hrw-testing 

Additional Information

  • You are not allowed to leave residence during self-isolation. You are allowed to be out after receiving a negative PCR test result but should minimise social interactions during the period of HRW.
  • For HRW with children, some schools may require the child to report the status. The child may be given LOA if needed

4 Health Risk Alert

What is this?

A notification via SMS base on TraceTogether / SafeEntry data.

Who it is for?

For those who have possible exposure to Covid-19 directly or indirectly. 


  • Required to self-administered ART in the next 24 hours, on the 3rd and 5th day. If you do not have ART kits at home, you may collect them at the venues listed here using NRIC. You are to submit ART results at https://go.gov.sg/hrw-hra-art

5 Stay Home Notice

What is this?
This is issued to the traveller who is granted entry into Singapore

Who is this for?
For travellers to Singapore


Travellers will be serving SHN at their place of residence or SNH dedicated facility.

You will be tested for COVID-19 near the end of the SNH period. Swab test is arranged by appointment and at designated sites. To arrange transport, refer to MOH advisory

6 Leave of Absence

What is this?

Issued by public agencies as a precautionary measure

Who is this for?

It is issued as a precautionary measure for those who might be exposed to Covid10.


  • To remain in residence as much as possible. Avoid crowded places and reduce social contact.
  • No test is needed
Useful links

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MOH Home Recovery FAQ

What does home recovery mean for Covid-19 patients in Singapore?


Self register family members for QO

Submit ART result for those under QO (by 10am daily)

Book swab test for under QO

Home Recovery Vitals Diary

QO allowance claim

QO, HRA, HRW Chinese Video

Certis hotline number: 63805072
MOH QF number: 67104022
MOH ART number: 6876 5830

All information is the source from MOH. Information is correct as of Sep23. TWD is not responsible for any changes thereafter. Do refer to official sources if in doubt.

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