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McDonald's Happy Meal Toys September 2021 : Doraemon


Doraemon is back at McDonald's!

From 2 Sep to 29 Sep, you could start collecting a Doraemon toy with every McDonald's meal purchase. 

There are a total of 8 Doraemon collectables to choose from. 

Here is the full list to collect

Week 1 | 2-8 Sep:  Space Radar, Zero Gravity Dancer

Week 2 | 9-15 Sep: Anywhere Door Surprise, Space Capsule Spinner

Week 3 | 16-22 Sep: Rocket Ship Launcher, Planet Walker

Week 4 | 23-29 Sep: Space Tunnel Slide, Orbital Balancer 

If you are not a fan of Doraemon, you could always opt for a book.

Tiny Detectives: ' Do Koalas have Fingerprints?' will be the book for this period.

The series is written by Cressida Cowell, the English Children Authrou who is well known for her book 'How to Train a Dragon'

Which you would you choose?

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